Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

Unclose Me

Dr. Elliot Black has known since the night he met her that Jude Strand is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with. But as he senses her drifting away, he fears that their relationship will end the same way all his relationships end--a quiet, slow death that will leave him exhausted and bitter. The difference is, this time, he refuses to let her go without a fight.

Officer Jude Strand has a high-risk, high-stress job, and while she loves Elliot, she knows that they live in two different worlds. When she learns of a possible infidelity, she assumes that she’s lost him for good. Then he shows up at her apartment, with a packed bag on the back of his motorcycle, and she can’t resist one final weekend with him.

In the beautiful wine country of the Napa Valley, Elliot and Jude seek out the connection that they both fear is lost, and in the process, find something much stronger than either expected.

Joyfully Recommended from Ley, Joyfully Reviewed:...a fantastic story! It’s hot, sexy, emotional and so very real. Jude and Elliot have a strong love for each other but insecurities of failed relationships and being unsure of where they stand with each other threatens to destroy what they have. Jamie Craig did a great job of producing a realistic portrayal of two people who belong together and are trying to feel out a way to stay together. Of course as with most relationships their approach to resolving their problems over looks the obvious answers, namely communication. The dialogue between them was perfect and what I loved the most was that the story length and content combination was just right. Unclose Me is a terrific story that I feel many readers can connect with. I loved this story and I Joyfully Recommend it.

5 hearts from Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio:...The author shares all of their doubts and insecurities with us throughout the tale. Then, in a way only someone who understands relationships can, she shows them how important communication is to a love that will last. Their conversations are excellent, filled with humor and teasing most of the time. The eroticism is very well done with some mild bondage thrown in to show their versatility as lovers who are well suited in every way. I really enjoyed this book and the authors’ gift for keeping realism in fiction.

4 stars from Mahaira Fatima, Just Erotic Romance Reviews:...Hats off to Ms. Craig for packing a punch in this short novella! Go ahead, pick up this tasty morsel and share your heart with a loved one!

3 1/2 lips from Samantha, Two Lips Reviews:...It is a relatively short novella with a lot of sizzle and heart-racing romance. Elliot and Jude are beautifully characterised and I enjoyed reading about two realistic people struggling to get past their own hang-ups to find love.

4 1/2 lips from Melisa at Euro-Reviews:...I have never read Jamie Craig , but I will again. This story was emotional and passionate while you could feel the apprehension between the two lovers, the fear of losing what they have. The love scenes are powerful and hot!

5 cupids from Marina at Cupid's Library Reviews:...This is definitely a realistic story. The characters could be any one of a thousand couples facing these problems. The way in which Elliot tries to resolve the issues is typical male and the way Jude faces them is typical female, thusly in the beginning there is no resolution just further pain. In the end, this book is full of truths and communication between Jude and Elliot which every successful relationship needs and, well, a lot of very hot, sweaty sex. This is an excellent contemporary, erotic read that has a great message in it yet demonstrates it in a believable and unforgettable way with smoking' hot sex scenes.

3 cupids from Kim at Cupid's Library Reviews:...The story is very fast moving within a very sweet romantic plot. The characters are likable and written well. The romance and sex in the story are sensual and at times very erotic. Actually, some of the sex in the book are very intense and can be considered unique...


...A rich leather sofa dominated the room, but that didn’t distract from the huge flat-screen television against the wall, painted a discreet robin's-egg blue. The rest of his walls were covered in bookshelves, and she didn’t see a single title that could be described as light reading. His kitchen was modest, except for the large fridge with the sheer glass doors. It only took a glance to see that he knew how to eat right--even if he did occasionally indulge in Chinese take-out.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Elliot said, setting his bag down on the coffee table, “while I get the chopsticks out of my secret stash.”

As he left her alone in the room, Jude slipped out of her jacket, then tossed it distractedly over the arm of the couch as she walked along the edges of the room. Her head tilted to the side as she skimmed the book spines, but nothing she found shed any further light on her host. The guy was either a serious reader or had a complex where he needed people to think he was so well-read. She was going to bet on the former. Not because he looked the type, but because he definitely didn’t seem to be lacking in the self-confidence department.

She turned when he came back bearing plates and eating utensils. “You mean you don’t eat it straight out of the box?” she teased. “Who taught you how to eat Chinese?”

“I used to date a woman from Hong Kong. She’d be horrified if she saw me eating this stuff.” He set everything on the table. “But I love it anyway. Would you like something to drink?”

“Water’s good. Thanks. It’s a little warm in here.”

Elliot obediently fetched two bottles of water from the fridge. “If you’re interested in anything stronger later, I have a decent bar.” Their fingers brushed as he handed her the water. “It does get warm up here. My neighbor downstairs is always cold, even in August, God bless her.”

Jude smiled at him, trying to quell the sudden charge that had gone through her veins. “I’ll remember that. The bar offer, I mean. Not the tidbit about your neighbor.”

Elliot grimaced. “No, you probably don’t need to remember that bit about Grace. That’s her name. Which is another tidbit you probably don’t need.” He sat down and patted the cushion beside him. “I suppose you didn’t need to know about my ex-girlfriend either.”

After a day of being on her feet, curling up on an overstuffed cushion on the floor sounded like heaven. “That depends,” Jude said as she sat down. She leaned back against the couch, tucking her legs beneath her. “Am I going to have worry about her being a psycho and boiling my pet rabbit because I deigned to borrow your chopsticks?”

Elliot narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. “She did shout ‘I won’t be ignored’ at me one time. I don’t remember why, though, I wasn’t really paying attention.”

“Which would explain why she’s an ex and not a current girlfriend,” she teased.

He nodded sagely. “I think you might be on to something there.”

If she thought it had been warm before, sitting so near to Elliot only worsened the effect. Jude reached for her water, unscrewing the cap before tipping it to her lips, and drained several long swallows before setting it back down on the table. “So what you’re telling me...” She picked up the nearest carton, uncaring of what was inside. Having her hands busy seemed crucial at that moment. “...is that the trick to spending time with you is to make sure you never get bored.”

Elliot dumped noodles on his plate and followed that with beef and broccoli. She noticed, though, that he didn’t seem terribly interested in his food. “That is the trick,” he agreed, “though nobody has managed it yet.”

Jude pulled out a spring roll and took a hefty bite, though it wasn’t until after she was chewing that she realized she hadn’t actually ordered them. Her chewing slowed, and she looked up at him, holding out the half-gone roll. “Oops,” she said, her mouth still full. “I think this is yours.”

Elliot made a show of looking through his bag. “So it is. And I was really looking forward to that spring roll, too. May I?” Without waiting for an answer, he leaned over and closed his lips around the roll, pulling it from her fingers.

It took every effort to swallow what was in her mouth. Her throat had gone dry at the flash she got of his tongue, right before his lips skimmed across her fingertips. “Well, I’m definitely not bored yet,” she murmured.