Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

Trinity Broken

Their love knew no shape, no limit, no boundary. Until someone destroyed their trust.

Scientist Joshua Ames committed the unforgivable sin. He fell in love with his research subjects, shapeshifters Cameron and Sara. Despite the taboo against humans mingling with shifters, Josh left his life behind and moved into theirs without regret.

Then Sara disappeared.

When Josh and Cam finally find her, she is unconscious, emaciated and shackled. They thought the hard part was living without her. But as soon as Sara wakes, they realize the hard part will be putting their lives back together.

Sara barely remembers life with Cam and Josh. All she remembers is a monster, a shifter who wore Cam’s face, who tortured and tested her for two long years. Without a home, conditioned to fear her own abilities, Sara struggles to start over.

Solving the mystery behind Sara’s kidnapping is the key to her recovery, because whoever destroyed their relationship is hunting her, intent on getting her back.

The truth could bring the three lovers peace—or send them spiraling apart.

4.5 blue ribbons from Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies:...TRINITY BROKEN by Jamie Craig took me on a rollercoaster ride like none other. I could not stop reading this book and while I winced, cried, and even got angry at the turn of events in the storyline, I relished and cherished the end result which was a truly magnificent story of love, forgiveness and the ability to overcome horrendous odds to find true love. Quite simply, it was glorious. Sara and Cameron are mates and while they love each other, their ability to love and accept Josh into their lives is very beautiful. Josh had never experienced anything as profound as Sara and Cam’s love and his ability to accept them as well is realistic and often times steamy! The trinity that is Cam, Sara, and Josh is written in such a way that unconditional love is endless – and to me, that is the way it should be.

From Courtney Michelle, RRTErotic:...A provocative tale about being true to yourself, and the ones you love, TRINITY BROKEN is an intense and complex romance. The characters are written with such depth that at times I felt like I was intruding on their most intimate moments as all three struggle to become the loving, happy family they were before all this madness entered their lives. They all suffer from their fractured relationship, and Jamie Craig's book is a journey of rediscovery as Cam, Sara and Josh search not only for those who mutilated Sara, but for the one thing that can bring them back together....

4 hearts from Julia, The Romance Studio:...the characters are great, Joshua was timid and insecure at first, but really seemed to grow into his character throughout the book. Cameron was a very strong person brought low by events and has a bit of a personality change because of it. Sara is struggling to survive and get herself together. I liked the story line and the fact that Sara wasn't immediately cured; they had some serious issues to work through before she could trust either one of them. The sex between Cameron and Joshua really fired things up when they got together...

3 angels from Katie, Fallen Angel Reviews:...Jamie Craig has written an interesting ménage a trois story with some wonderful sex scenes along with a tension filled story that you can cut with a knife. Trinity Broken has many moments of love and adoration between our three lovers, but this is about revenge and a horrible crime that has been committed against a beautiful woman. Sara is one incredible heroine who has survived through so much. The abuse she has undergone is because of how different she is. She has been exploited and along with Cameron and Josh you hope they will bring down the one responsible....

From Indy, Joyfully Reviewed:...readers who enjoy emotionally heavy storylines and are patient enough to understand the trials and tribulations that need to be conquered first will be pleased with Trinity Broken.

4.5 stars from Kimberley Spinney, Sensual e-Cataromance:...Trinity Broken is the kind of novel that will snag you from page one. The characters are complex and captivating and the story line is rich in emotion and intrigue. This is the type of book that will leave you wanting more just because it is so well written...Jamie Craig’s world of shapeshifters is not to be missed. This book was not only immensely intriguing but it had new idea that kept this from being just another paranormal romance. The sensuality and emotional depth that flowed from the pages make this a must read, must have novel.


Sara sat up against the headboard. Without looking away from Cam, she slowly shut her eyes and inhaled.

"That's good," Josh said.

"Now, we want to clear your mind. When you exhale, focus on how you feel when you breathe, what your lungs are doing. With your next breath, just focus on how it feels to inhale."

Cam's voice sounded softer with her eyes closed, like the caress of a warm summer wind. Following his instruction was frighteningly simple, and when she took in a second breath, she loosened the fingers she'd had crushed around Josh's, the sensation of her chest rising and falling hypnotic.

He coaxed her through the breathing exercise for what could have been several minutes. His voice was lulling, even soothing, and soon, she could feel Josh's breath begin to echo hers, like he was following the same directions.

"Now I want you to think about the first form you ever shifted into. I want you to think about every single detail. What did it feel like to shift? What did you look like? Recreate it."

It was a memory she had relived more than once. Josh had been fascinated by the stories of her childhood, and even Cam had been amused and more than a little impressed when he heard how early she'd done her first shift.

She was two, and the world was a loud place, with laughter and the television blaring in the background and her father playing Santana's `Abraxas' over and over and over again. And there was Tofu curled up under the coffee table, her long black tail swishing around the wooden legs.

It was easy to crawl over, easy not to get stopped, not so easy to actually catch the cat's tail before Tofu woke up and leapt out of the way, jumping to the window ledge and glaring down at Sara with narrowed eyes. Her mother went out into the kitchen, and her father trailed afterward, and all Sara could see was the cat's black tail, sweeping along the wall beneath the ledge.

The weight of Josh's arm disappeared, and the mattress moved beneath her bottom. It took Sara a moment to realize that the bed hadn't shifted.

She had.

Sara immediately backed into Josh's body, trying to wedge herself in the space between his back and the bed.

"Sara." Cam's voice startled her, and she ducked against the pillows.

"Hey," Josh murmured, lifting her and repositioning her on the bed. "Be careful there."

"Sara, don't tense up and be frightened. You'll lose your concentration. Look."

Her nose quivered as Cam's distinct smell faded, replaced by the scent of another cat.

Opening her eyes felt odd this time, especially with her perspective unexpectedly altered. Josh's legs were mountains in front of her, while on the chair sat a large ginger tom. With blue eyes.

Her tail flicked.

Cam only blinked.

She should have been terrified. Just because she couldn't see his face didn't mean she didn't know it was Cam sitting there. And her captors had made him - the other him - shift in front of her all the time. That was his whole purpose for being there, she'd reasoned.

However, they'd never had him shift into an everyday, normal housecat. This wasn't scary. She'd seen him, fought him, even flown with him, in guises more dangerous than this one.

Her tail flicked again.

Cam dropped to his haunches, wiggled his back legs, and then sprang across to the foot of the bed. He walked up Josh's legs, coming to a rest on Josh's stomach.

"Thanks, Cam. You weigh a ton," Josh said, but didn't push him away. From his perch, Cam looked down at her and blinked. He chattered softly - a sound not quite a meow - then dropped his head to rub it against Josh's chest.

Sara tilted her head. It looked appealing, especially when Josh lifted his hand to begin scratching Cam behind the ears. But his lap looked small, and there would be no avoiding Cam if she attempted to get any closer. There would be the warmth of their bodies, yes, but even as that called to her, it also raised an iota of fear, and she began to back away, her paws awkward as she navigated the soft terrain.

The side of the bed came sooner than she anticipated. Her back paw met open air, and she tumbled over the edge of the mattress.

By the time she hit the floor, she was back in her human form.

Josh was beside her in an instant, giving her his hand to help her to her feet. Cam the cat watched her from the bed inquisitively. The serious look on his face was almost enough to make her smile; she had never seen an expression like that on a cat before.

"What happened?" Josh asked. "Did you hurt yourself?"

"Only my ego." She rubbed at her bottom. "And maybe my ass. Falling off the bed is not my favorite way to get rug burn."

"It's not mine either." He sat on the edge of the bed, and Cam immediately nudged his arm. "Did Cam startle you?" To Sara's surprise, Josh scooped him up. Cam did not like to be handled when he shifted, especially when he was so small. But Josh cradled him easily, rubbing his ears. "You have to admit, he's not very scary like this."

He wasn't - hadn't been. And he was even less so now that she was five feet taller than him. "I lost my concentration," she said. "I can probably do it again."

She sat on the floor, unwilling yet to go up onto the bed. There was no room for flight up there, at least, not without falling on her ass again. It also brought her down to the level of Josh's lap and Cam's steady eyes, and for a long minute, she gazed at him.

"You never used to like to be petted," she said to Cam.

He chattered again, his eyes drooping as Josh continued to stroke him. "He's not always a big fan of it, but after you - when he shifted, we both ended up being pretty lonely. He didn't have anybody to shift with, and I didn't want to just pretend there wasn't an animal roaming through the house. So, we gradually worked out a compromise."

It wasn't a concept Sara was familiar with. She had always had shifters around her, always had somebody she trusted to share it with, from her family all the way up to Cam. Until she'd been abducted, the notion of being alone had been a foreign one, especially when she took another form.

Slowly, she stretched out an arm, fingers skimming over the ruff of Cam's neck. "I never thought about how Cam was coping being alone," she confessed quietly. "Well, I did in the beginning. Before I stopped trying to think of Delta."

Cam closed his eyes blissfully as they both petted him. "He wasn't entirely alone. I helped when I could. People were constantly coming over, and they offered to help in any way they could, but he just sort of shut down without you."

The coarse hair at her fingertips brought back other, stronger memories than the ones that had driven Sara away. Nights spent under the desert moon, curled into the body heat of his chosen spiritual form, his tongue rough against her skin when he would absentmindedly lick her. Or soaring high above the dry earth only to come diving down at a breakneck speed to land on his outstretched wrist.

Cam had always said she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. In any form.