Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

Seduction in Black and White

Book IV of The Master Chronicles

History doesn’t always die. Sometimes, it lives on. Discovering it can be too seductive to resist.

A chance encounter on their first vacation in years introduces Jesse Madding to Marcus Brooker, a man who claims to have known the woman for whom vampire Gideon Keel abandoned his evil ways to fight for good. Though Jesse would rather get those answers from his lover, Gideon isn’t nearly as forthcoming. So Jesse pursues the truth the only way he thinks he can.

Gideon agreed to the New York trip, hoping for three weeks of pure pleasure with his human lovers.

Pleasure is not all they found.

Advisory: This book contains graphic violence, hardcore bondage and punishment, torture and blood play. May not be suitable for the more sensitive reader.

5 hearts from Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio:...There’s humor, eroticism, romance and suspense blended to make the storyline flow in a way only the best authors can.

4.5 nymphs from Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews:...I was beyond proud of Gideon for his determination and grace while handling the conflict. In addition, Emma has proven that these two powerful men are rubbing off on her. She was no weakling from the beginning, but she had a great deal of grit this time around.

From Ley, Joyfully Reviewed:...I was hooked and drawn into Seduction in Black and White from the first page. I really liked Jess and Emma, but Gideon had to grow on me. My initial impression of him was not very likeable. My feelings were solely based on his actions toward Jesse during their sex scenes, but after a while I was able to see the Gideon that Jesse and Emma loved. I was not aware that this story was part of a series and not being familiar with the previous books I was floored by some of the graphic BDSM scenes and the villainess torture scenes. They were harsh, brutal, gory and so well written that I couldn’t stop reading them. I give props to the talent of Jamie Craig, writing such an intensely suspenseful and complicated story that holds a readers interest such as this one has held mine can’t be easy....

4 flowers from Pam, My Book Cravings:...even amongst the pain and blood, it’s very clear that these two men love and depend on each other like no other, and adding Emma to the mix just gives another layer of depth of tenderness and love to their ongoing relationship...

4 stars from Carole, Rainbow Reviews:...The story is powerful and erotic, and the reader becomes completely involved in the emotions of the three main characters, Gideon, Jesse and Emma. Their intense motivations, expressed through graphic D/s sexuality, make this book riveting. As Emma becomes more entwined in the longer-standing relationship between the two men, their darkly erotic games bind them closer together.


...His eyes were dark, his gaze heavy, especially when it returned to the strip of leather around Jesse’s neck. Gideon lifted his hand and ran his finger along the edge, and though he barely touched the skin, a thrill of anticipation slithered over Jesse’s flesh.

“Be grateful I’ve got you.” His voice was rougher, rich with promise. “Though I’d be more grateful if you were naked.”

“I can do that.”

Gideon didn’t have to tell him twice—in fact, Gideon usually didn’t have to tell him once. If he had given Jesse a few more minutes before following him into the dungeon, Gideon probably would have found him in nothing but his collar. Within moments, his clothes were discarded, and he was standing in front of Gideon, visibly calm, though he knew the vampire heard his heart racing.

Gideon didn’t touch him. He didn’t have to. A flicker of his gaze downward was enough to get Jesse’s cock at full attention.

“Oh, sure, I get all dressed up, and the first thing you do is strip Jesse out of his clothes. I should have guessed it.”

The amused glint in Gideon’s eyes was all Jess needed to know he’d known Emma had been standing in the doorway the entire time. He glanced over, a comment ready on his lips, only to have it fade away when he saw her.

In the process of unpacking, Emma had changed for the fancy late dinner Gideon had promised them. Normally, she wore comfortable clothes, flowing skirts or jeans, soft sweaters or loose blouses. There was the odd occasion when they got the chance to dress up, but not nearly enough for Jesse’s taste. Her attire now only proved him right. A sleeveless black dress flowed over her lush curves, highlighting her porcelain skin, and she’d pulled her dark blonde hair up, off her neck, exposing the black collar Gideon had given her the first month the three of them had been together. In this ensemble, it looked like a simple choker. Only they knew the significance of it.

But what surprised Jesse the most were the heels on her feet. Emma had gorgeous legs, but she rarely wore shoes to highlight them. While changing, she’d slipped on a pair of black patent pumps, with a thin, nearly four-inch heel. They heightened the promise of taut legs wrapped around his hips as he drove into her.

“You probably should have guessed. But I hope he doesn’t strip you just yet. You look…amazing.”

She did a quick pirouette. The dress hugged her ass, molding like a liquid skin over the ripe swells. “Is it okay? I wasn’t going to get the shoes, but the girl at the mall said they made the outfit.”

“They do,” Gideon said. “In fact, I might make it a vacation rule that you’re not allowed to wear any other shoes.”

“I like that rule.” Jesse’s eyes drawn to her legs again. “Those shoes, that collar…the dress wouldn’t even be necessary.”

“You heard the man, Em. The dress isn’t necessary.”

Her brows shot up at Gideon’s almost order. The sudden wave of desire flowing from her was dizzying, but Jesse was riveted by the deliberate lift of her arms, the thrust of her breasts as she reached behind to unzip the garment.

“I’ve got my chains on,” she commented as the dress fell away. It exposed the silver links hanging from The center of her collar to each bare breast, attached to her nipples by small clamps. “Jesse looks naked without his.”

“Hmmm.” He glanced back in time to see Gideon assessing him carefully. “I think she’s right. Where’s your leash, boy?”

“It’s still in my bag.” Jesse nodded at the bench, but didn’t take a step toward it.

Gideon caught Emma’s eye and inclined his head. That was all she needed. She crossed the room, her heels tapping against the floor, and pulled out the long chain that acted as his leash. Jesse kept his gaze locked on her as she threaded it her through her fingers. Each fine, silver link reflected the light from overhead. She walked deliberately across the room, her hips swaying, her nipples tight peaks.

Emma paused when she reached him, looking at him with half-lidded eyes. He offered her a small smile before she snapped the leash into place. The immediate weight around his neck made his balls ache.

“On your knees,” Emma said, her voice husky. Jesse immediately obeyed.

Emma did not often take the dominant role, which made the times when she did even more thrilling. He watched her coil the leash around her hand, tugging until it pulled at his neck, and he fell forward onto his hands...