Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

The Age of Retribution

Book VIII of The Master Chronicles

Having Jesse home in Chicago again is the only reason Gideon Keel needs to celebrate. But their private party at Sangre screeches to a premature halt when their home is raided, Dominique is taken by Children's Services, and Jesse's counterpart is arrested. Meanwhile, Emma's case has been reopened, but that is only the beginning of the fallout.

Jesse and Gideon must draw new boundaries for their relationship, deal with new rules and expectations in their lives, and stay one step ahead of Foster, the immortal who will stop at nothing to destroy Jesse before he can take his place as a proper Guardian.

Advisory: This book contains graphic violence, hardcore bondage and punishment, torture and blood play. May not be suitable for the more sensitive reader.

5 hearts from Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio:...the story is well crafted and helps prove that we don‘t have to indulge in the same passions as the players to enjoy the fact that they act out of love. The suspense is built very well along many paths but always brought to a conclusion with some twists and turns that make it even better.

4 stars from Carole, Rainbow Reviews:...a very satisfying stand-alone read, but to completely appreciate the rich nuances of this multi-layered plot, you'll want to pick up the previous books.

4 nymphs from Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews:Jamie Craig has been bringing action, suspense, and a fair amount of drama with previous installments of the Master Chronicles, and book eight of the series, The Age Of Retribution, is no exception to the rule.

From Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed:...well written with a multi-layered plot and great characters..


...Jesse shivered at the thought of the irons closing around his wrists and ankles, biting into his skin until small streams of blood traveled down his arms and into the waiting mouths of the vampires surrounding him. The smell of the blood would drive the vamps into a frenzy. Jesse didn’t think any of them knew that he wasn’t a mere mortal. He didn’t want them to know and he doubted Gideon would have broadcast the news.

He had expected something ornate. There were certainly enough ropes, chains, benches, and devices in the club to keep him immobile for the rest of the night. But the set up Gideon had requested was about as basic as he could get. There were four shackles attached to two pillars. They were spaced far enough apart to stretch Jesse’s limbs, exposing every inch of his body, without becoming too painful. But it would definitely leave him vulnerable to every creature in the room.

There were less than a dozen vampires in all, more men than women, all familiar faces though Jesse couldn’t put names to some. In Sangre, names weren’t important. Here, he was the toy to be used, the hole to be filled, the body to be taken. He gave himself over to them, trusting Gideon to keep him safe. Though they knew his name, few cared. He was Gideon’s pet. Within these walls, that was all he wanted to be.

He waited patiently as Gideon greeted the others, chatting and laughing for indeterminable minutes, all the while ignoring Jess. The other vampires didn’t. They kept stealing glances in his direction, licking their lips, fidgeting. A slight young man with blond hair that kept flopping over his forehead braved advancing, though one look from Gideon stopped him from getting too close.

“Are you going to let him fuck anybody tonight?” he asked Gideon, his blue eyes blazing with hunger.

For some reason, this amused Gideon, and he cocked a single brow. “Why? You want his cock, Frankie?”

“Fuck, yes.”

The answer came so quickly, Gideon laughed. “We’ll see.”

Jesse’s cock twitched at the thought of burying himself in Frankie’s ass. Gideon had allowed him to fuck women in Sangre, but never another man. But Jesse sensed that Gideon was going to be in a very indulgent mood, which meant he wouldn’t keep a firm hand on the vampires using Jesse’s body. He was glad Gideon thought to fit him with a cock ring before they left the house, because he was certain that without it, he wouldn’t have the control to stop himself from coming too soon. The sharp points studding the ring dug deep into his growing erection, each second of pain already accentuating his arousal.

“Tell you what.” Gideon was still addressing Frankie. “You get the rest of his clothes off, while I pick out what whip I’m going to use on him.” His gaze was heavy when it came to rest on Jesse. “I want to make sure it hurts when he bleeds.”

Frankie didn’t waste time approaching. He crouched in front of Jesse and ran his hands over the lacework of scars mottling Jesse’s torso. “I’ve wanted your cock in my ass since the first time I saw Gideon jerk you off.” He reached the briefs and tore them off, catching Jesse’s shaft in the palm of his cool hand as it came free. “Every time you fuck Monique, I hate her a little bit more.”

Something about the vampire pricked at the back of his mind. The blond hair, the blue eyes, the bold, almost challenging, declaration of how much he wanted Jesse’s cock. It only took a moment for it all to click. The vampire reminded Jesse of Derek’s nephew, Jonah, right down to the shade of his eyes. The realization coupled with the vampire’s touch sent a new wave of arousal through him. Frankie’s nostrils flared in response.

“Up, boy.”

Gideon’s order sent Frankie scurrying out of the way, leaving Jesse to obey automatically. He kept his hands behind his back, his head bowed, but not before he caught sight of the single-tail leather whip dangling from Gideon’s hand.

“Cuff him in.”

Monique was the one to grab Jesse’s leash and lead him between the two posts. Gripping his wrist, she pulled it up and to the side, locking him into a heavy iron manacle. She did the same with his other wrist and both his ankles, until he stood in a stretched X position.

“First rule.” Gideon addressed the vampires who had pressed closer for the show. “You want to play, you wear fangs. At all times. That means if you kiss the boy, you wear fangs. If you suck his cock, you wear fangs. If you lick him clean, if you do anything, you wear fangs. Don’t, and you go home.”

Some of the vampires nodded. Some licked their lips. Some just continued staring at his vulnerable body, their eyes glowing with hunger. Jesse tensed slightly at the first rule, but it was an automatic reaction, his flesh responding to the threat, even if Jesse viewed the rule as more of a promise...