Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

A Renaissance in Blood

Book VII of The Master Chronicles

What happens to love when you experience a rebirth and become new again?

Jesse Madding wakes up one morning to discover everything has changed and he is completely alone, with both Gideon and Emma gone.

Betrayed by the last person he’d expect, he realizes the life he once had is over, and somehow he must forge a new existence. Aching with the loss, Jesse vows to do everything he can to overcome the lies, return home, and locate the vampire that makes his life worth living.

Advisory: This book contains graphic violence, hardcore bondage and punishment, torture and blood play. May not be suitable for the more sensitive reader.

5 nymphs and a Recommended Read from Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews:...Jamie Craig really allowed Jesse to spread his wings in A Renaissance In Blood. My heart ached for Jesse...When he discovered what had really been done to him, Jesse didn’t hold a pity party, but was proactive in figuring out his next moves...I’ll be the first to admit, I knew a few books back what some of these characters were capable of, but never fathomed I would actually see any of it come to fruition. Jamie Craig has delivered yet another powerful story in the Master Chronicles series with A Renaissance In Blood. This is a definite must read!

4 1/2 stars from Carole, Rainbow Reviews:...This book is a testimony to power of pain and the power of love...This is perhaps the most powerful book so far in the series as the authors (Jamie Craig is the pen name used by Pepper Espinoza and Vivien Dean) take a strong right turn out of the expected path and set out on a new twisty road as Jesse learns about the dangers and benefits of being a Guardian in training.


...Later, Jesse learned he wasn’t alone at all. Michelle hovered nearby, strangely anxious and just out of reach. Dominique watched him from the doorway, ignoring Michelle when she told the girl to leave Jesse alone. And of course, there was his father, distant and curious, a single name always hanging between them. Michelle spoke to him first.

We need to talk, Jess.

Jesse missed the way Gideon said his name. It rumbled in Gideon’s chest, a single syllable that vibrated between them. He always felt it just a moment before he heard it. He missed the way Emma said his name. Softly. She breathed it between full lips. There was never an edge in her voice, even when she had him on chain and collar.

There was a fight.

Jesse missed watching Gideon dress. He was so careful, selecting the right color and the right cut and the right material. But right for what? Jesse never knew. Gideon always did. Despite her more elaborate, feminine rituals, Emma never took as long as Gideon to prepare for the day. It wasn’t that she cared less. Jesse watched her, too, fascinated by the way she chose to shield herself against the world. Why did she choose to wear her hair in a ponytail one morning, and hanging around her shoulders the next? How did she know when it was a day for deep red lipstick, as opposed to the color she called “coral pink?”

It was more of an attack. A trap.

Jesse was always very proud of belonging to Gideon. It was never anything he tried to articulate. It just was. Knowing that Gideon was the fastest, the strongest, the best, and how that reflected back on Jesse. But it wasn’t that. Because Gideon wasn’t perfect, and he wasn’t the best. His flaws ran so deeply into his being, it scarred him permanently. But he was Jesse’s. He didn’t think Emma was perfect either, but she was the most perfect person he knew.

You were outnumbered. Gideon tried to defend you both. It looked like Emma was the first one they…they killed her.

The world did not make sense. Michelle’s words certainly didn’t make sense, because Gideon wouldn’t try to protect them both. He simply would. And what had Jesse been doing during this attack? He knew how to hold his own, and he rarely left the house without some sort of weapon. What could have been so overwhelming, so unexpected, that neither of them could defend against it?

Derek found you in the hospital. There was no sign of Gideon anywhere.

Gideon wouldn’t leave him. That was the fact of Jesse’s life...