Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

Queen of Diamonds

When everybody has a scam, is it possible to trust anyone?

Brandon Silver knows there's more to life than dealing blackjack at the Bellagio Casino. He hopes his lover, Seth Cahill, can help him experience more of the world. Seth does this by showing him how to run an easy scam. They will target an older woman - Brandon will distract her, while Seth will take advantage of her distraction by robbing her. It seems like an easy enough plan.

Except they target Caryn Westbrook, a woman with her own agenda. And at the top of that agenda is teaching the two young men a lesson they will never forget...

4 stars from Carole, Rainbow Reviews:...this book will have you laughing in places and fanning yourself from the heat of some incredible sex scenes in other places.


...Cool fire flared in her eyes as they locked with Seth's. Some kind of silent dare passed between them, where neither of them moved, neither of them spoke, and Brandon was left feeling more awkward than ever. He wanted to be anywhere but there, especially when she tugged the hem of the towel and pulled it free of her body, using it now to rub down her wet hair, ignoring the fact that she was now completely naked in front of them.

Brandon froze, unable to even gasp for breath. He was powerless to do anything about the sudden tightness in his groin, or the way his pants tented. There wasn't a single detail on her perfect body that Brandon didn't recognize. That didn't seem right. He thought there should be some surprises left. But every curve and dimple had been seared to his brain the day before.

Seth didn't visibly react at all, and Brandon hated him a little for being so cool while he was all twisted into knots. Especially since his easy acceptance of her act only increased Brandon's arousal--even if he had been completely straight, he wouldn't have been able to deny that the almost impassive look on Seth's face was nothing short of sexy.

"I've seen better," Seth drawled.

She didn't react to his declaration except to toss the wet towel onto his lap. "I might actually care if I thought I was anything close to your type." Turning her back to them, she picked up the scrap of lace from the top of the dresser and stepped into it. She caught Brandon's reflection in the mirror and smiled. "Now your boyfriend, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying the view."

Seth glanced over, and Brandon wished he could just sink into the floor. Especially since his sudden embarrassment did nothing to kill his boner. Seth's lips shifted into a small, half-smile. "My boyfriend is more than welcome to enjoy any view he likes."

A bra that was barely a bra came next, her puckered nipples clearly visible through the flimsy silk. "You should consider yourself lucky, Seth. He's very talented, though I'm not sure which I liked better. His tongue, or his cock."

"Guys?" His cheeks flushed and the heat spread as far as his neck. The word was more than a little winded. And neither one of them even glanced his direction.

"I know exactly how lucky I am. I actually do feel a little sorry for you, though, since you'll never have another opportunity to figure it out."

"Really?" She leaned against the edge of the dresser, her long legs stretched slightly in front of her, the angle of her arms back accentuating the thrust of her breasts. "I wouldn't mind sharing, you know. I might even make it a condition of your thirty percent."

"Don't try to use Brandon as a bartering chip. I promise you won't like the results."

"Would you share if I simply asked?"

It occurred to Brandon to protest, to remind them that he was still in the room, and that he wasn't some piece of meat they could just talk about sharing. He had his own opinion on the situation. Unfortunately, he couldn't find the wherewithal to speak, because the thought of being caught between the two of them utterly overwhelmed him.

"I'd consider it if you asked nicely."

She smiled, the first reminder of her flirtatious self from the day before. "I'll just have to remember that, then." Scooping up the other clothes folded on top of the dresser, she sauntered for the bathroom. "Go ahead and order some breakfast if you're hungry. I'd like a vegetarian omelet, please."

Seth shook his head as soon as the door shut behind her. "Well, today's going to be interesting, at least."