Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

The Price of His Redemption

Book X of The Master Chronicles

Rescuing their missing third was supposed to be the difficult part. But Jesse Madding and Gideon Keel are learning that their work is only beginning.

One month after returning to her normal life, Emma Coolidge seems to be healthy and well-adjusted from the time she spent captive in a hell dimension. Every night, though, reveals the depths of her trauma. She doesn't dream; she sleepwalks. When Gideon catches her unconsciously searching for a book about dimensional magic, he knows it's time to put an end to her torment.

But Emma isn't the only who can't seem to adjust. Jesse doesn't know how to handle his new powers when he's with Emma, while Gideon fears that neither of his lovers need him at all anymore. And always, there's the fear Castelain will return to seize Emma, the prize the immortal demon has already claimed as her own...

Advisory: This book contains graphic violence, hardcore bondage and punishment, torture and blood play. May not be suitable for the more sensitive reader.

5 stars from Carole, Rainbow Reviews:...The relationship between Gideon, Emma and Jesse is perhaps the strongest BDSM relationship story I've read, complete with bloodplay, torture, whipping, cages ... and it's lovely. Gideon, a vampire, is the master, but you can see that he loves Emma and Jesse and that nothing he does is anything that they don't want. Even when he punishes them, and his punishments can be fearsome, they accept and want and look forward to it all. You might find it hard to believe that anyone would want someone to whip them from head to toe, and then lick the blood off ~ but in this book, it's unbearably erotic.

5 nymphs from Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews:...I have to admit Iím going to miss Emma, Gideon, Jesse, Michelle, and Dominique. These characters have brought me months of entertainment. Iíll miss Gideon most of all. His edgy brand of sex, love, and domination has left me squirming in my seat a time or two, and his bloodlust is not for the weak at heart. Emma, Gideon, and Jesse make the perfect complex family. Jesseís love of pain mixed with pleasure has kept Gideon content since the beginning, and Emmaís completes them by adding the soft feminine side. I love the complex characters Jamie Craig has created; each distinctive with personalities that are believable, despite if they are human, supernatural, or a vampire. The stories combine exquisitely erotic sex, with suspense, mystery, and battles that make the stories flow, latching on to your mind until the end.

5 hearts from Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio:...The writing duo known as Jamie Craig finishes this series with the same kind of finesse and action they've packed into the previous nine. The relationship among the three is always fascinating. How can it be anything else when a vampire, an empath and a guardian in charge of keeping the world safe cohabitate?


...he stood and strode to the door without looking back. "Come on then, boy. Emma's waiting for us."

"Yes, Sir."

He heard Jesse's clothes rustle as he pushed himself to his feet, then fell in step behind him. Jesse's pulse was pounding a little bit faster, and the lightest scent of anxiety drifted from his body. As they reached the bedroom door, Gideon caught the same scent coming from Emma.

She stood in front of the full-length mirror, examining her reflection from every possible angle. When he stepped inside, she whirled around, like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Her hands flew behind her back, and her eyes flew to Jesse's face. A pink stain rose in her cheeks. The way Jesse frowned said her walls were appropriately down, and the anxiety Gideon had sniffed upon entering roiled around the room.

Gideon waited until Jesse was all the way in before shutting the door and folding his arms over his chest. "This is all for your own good. There's nothing to be nervous about."

Jesse inclined his head. "I know, Sir." He glanced over to Emma again, his eyes slightly narrowed. "I'm trying not to be."

"That's because you don't--" She broke off at Gideon's stern glance. "I'm sorry."

"He might not, but he will soon. Show him what I bought for you, Emma."

Her hands smoothed over her hips in reflex to his order, jerking them away when she caught Gideon's eye again. She went to the buttons on her blouse, fumbling as she undid them from the bottom, one by one. Any other day, the skin she exposed would have been a creamy, flawless expanse. Today, it was striped in red welts, blossoms of purple and blue mottling her stomach all the way to her breasts.

Jesse tried to look away, like it was still too much for him to handle, but Gideon gripped the back of his neck and forced his gaze back to Emma's body. He didn't try to resist Gideon's grip, but his body stiffened as soon he saw the hint of the steel on Emma's body. They had chastity belts in the playroom, but this was unlike anything they had used for play and delayed gratification. This was meant for extended wear, complete with a series of locks that would ensure she would not need to remove the harness when she needed to use the bathroom.

"A chastity belt? Why?"

"To make sure nobody falls prey to temptation." Using his hold, he pulled Jesse closer to murmur in his ear, "Don't worry. I got one for you, too."

Jesse's face registered shock. "How long will we be wearing them?"

"Until I take them off." He nodded toward Emma. "Get Jesse's."

As she turned away to get the bag from beside the bed, the steel of the belt clanked in such a way to make Gideon's cock jerk. With her back to him, the perfect globes of her ass made him wish he'd put the belt on Jesse first and left her bare to fuck in front of him. He'd say it was to prove a point, but really it would simply be because the sight of her was enough to make him consider forgetting everything he'd said about punishment. Which would totally defeat the purpose of this entire exercise, unfortunately.

He forced himself to remain still as she returned to stand in front of them, unsure what to do next.

"Strip, boy." Though he let Jesse go, Gideon didn't step away. "You won't be wearing anything but the belt unless I tell you otherwise."

"Yes, Sir."

Jesse obediently removed his clothes, casually tossing them aside. Other people might have balked at the idea of being practically naked for extended periods of time, but not his boy. He had no qualms or shame about being naked. His attention was locked on the belt in Emma's hands, staring at the points where her small fingers connected with the cold steel.

"You know how to put it on," Gideon said.

Emma's eyes widened, like it never occurred to her that she would be the one charged with this responsibility. Jesse's hands locked into fists as Emma dropped to her knees in front of him. Despite what happened earlier that day, and despite the trouble that they were both in, Gideon felt the spark of arousal passing between them, and the slight twitch of Jesse's cock.

"Step into it," Emma instructed, holding the belt at Jesse's feet. He stepped forward and she pulled it up to his hips.

Gideon had specifically chosen this version for the way it would strap down Jesse's cock. Emma had to push the length into the L-shaped tube first, where it would hold it between his legs and make an erection impossible once the belt was secure. The flow of blood would be interrupted and the worst Jesse would feel was a twinge of discomfort. This wasn't about pain, after all. This was about control. And considering Jesse could sometimes be a walking hard-on, that made this a true test.

A torrent of goose bumps erupted along Jesse's thighs as Emma's breath fanned across his midsection. Her hands shook as she pulled the security belt through all three straps. Jesse's was just like Emma's in that respect. The steel band ran down his crack, and the fitting over his cock made it impossible for Jesse to even touch his balls. The only way to get out was to undo the locks. The locks for which Gideon had the keys...