Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

Lucky Haunts

Lucky and Stella Marshall are young, rich, and beautiful. There's nothing they can't do, and nothing Lucky wouldn't give his bride. He is equally devoted to his best friend, Shane Norton. Lucky and Stella move into the Rio Hotel and Casino to be close to Shane---and Shane proves his devotion to them by cleaning up their messes and taking care of them.

For Lucky and Stella, staying in Las Vegas means the party never ends...

Even in death.

Can two ghosts learn how to love a man they couldn't appreciate in life?

4 nymphs from Virgin Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews:...I enjoyed this book because everyone had issues and they had to put aside their differences and make their relationship work. Not knowing if their relationship could stand this new test kept the suspense building...

4 stars from Marcy Arbitman, Just Erotic Romance Reviews:...All three main characters were equally well written and I enjoyed them all. There were several secondary characters who kept the plot moving along. The sexual experiences were very hot and I enjoyed them tremendously.

5 hearts from Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio:...This writing duo does a great job crafting this tale into one of those that could give us the willies if we didn't like a little kinkiness in our fiction. Lucky and Stella work harder as ghosts than they ever did while alive to make their relationship with Shane hot. It's twisted fun as they concentrate and focus to make their ghostly apparitions hearable and feelable...


...Lucky pushed himself up to the counter and sat with his legs dangling over the edge. “Are there any Chippendales dancers not in love with their muscles?"

“There’s in love, and there’s ‘let me invite you to my shrine.’” Convinced this particular Chippendale was not worth her time, she began wandering around the store, fingering the various fabrics. “What about that cutie with the tattoo on his ass? I wouldn’t say no to him.”

“The cutie with the short, brown hair, or the cutie with the flowing, black mane?"

She shot him a smile. “You mean you looked up long enough to notice what color his hair was?”

“Only briefly, I assure you. They should be getting ready for their show. When you’re done here, we can head over to the dressing rooms.”

The possibilities made her pause. “We’ve never been in the dressing rooms before.” When she glanced back at Lucky, there was no mistaking the wicked gleam in his eye. “That sounds much better than shopping.”

“I think so, too.” He jumped from the counter and reached for her hand. “Maybe we can even find somebody suitable for Shane.” Lucky paused and grimaced. “Or maybe not. Do you think of any of them would be his type?”

She smiled and shook her head. He really had no clue how Shane reacted when he saw Lucky. Together, they left the shop and headed toward the far end and the Chippendales theater. “Are you going to miss it?” she asked. “I know it’s been a while since we had a threesome, but that’s only because all the men we find are always so disappointing.”

“Yes, I think I will. I mean, I’m going to miss a lot of things. Wearing a new silk shirt. The first sip of thirty-year-old scotch. Nice, hot showers.” He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed each knuckle. “But none of those things can compare to being caught between your sweet body and a nice, hard cock.”

The one thing she was most grateful for at the moment was that she still had Lucky with her. How terrible it would’ve been if only one of them had been killed! Or if whoever was in charge of this so-called afterlife decided Shane only needed one of them around. The fact that she could still feel Lucky, regardless of whether they concentrated or not, made it even better. Even just the brush of his mouth across her fingers was enough to make her thighs tingle, her nipples harden. He had always had that effect on her, right from the very first time he’d sat down next to her outside her Berkeley dorm.

They slipped into the Chippendales’ employee entrance behind a pair of young men. When Lucky’s gaze settled on the tight ass of the closest, Stella squeezed his hand.

“We should’ve been more obvious with some of these Chippendales,” she said. “Think of all the fun we missed out on.”

“We missed out on a lot of things. After we take Shane to Rio, we should go on a world tour. See all the pretty boys and girls we never got the chance to see before.” He nudged her, directing her attention to a tall man with black hair down to the middle of his back. “What do you think about him?”

Her gaze swept hungrily over the powerful shoulders, down to the long, hard legs. “I think we should’ve kidnapped him ages ago and taken turns with him. And then ridden him at the same time. Do you think his ass is as tight as it looks?”

Lucky growled under his breath. “Do you talk like that just because you know it drives me crazy?”

She tilted an impish smile up at him. “Just because? No. But it definitely helps.”

“I bet it does. And I bet his ass probably is tighter than it looks.” They followed the man in question until he went through a door marked with four names—presumably one of them was his. “I don’t think anybody would ever believe you have such a dirty mouth.”

“I blame you.” Spying an open door further ahead, she pulled him forward and peeked through the opening. Three mostly naked men stood inside, laughing and joking as they sorted through clothes on a rail. “I was pure as the driven snow before I met you.”

“So I’ve spoiled and corrupted you? I suppose that isn’t bad for a life’s work.” He pulled her back against his chest, his erection pressing against her bottom. “Thousands of others would have killed for the chance.”

Her lashes drifted shut when he kissed along her shoulder, leading up to the vulnerable skin beneath her ear. She scratched lightly across the back of the hand at her waist, both of them moaning when he only got harder.

“I like the way you’ve corrupted me.” Her breath caught at the contact of his teeth. “Who would’ve thought I’d love to see you bent over a beautiful man with your cock buried in his ass?”

“Not me, certainly.” His hand drifted to her hip, his long fingers splaying across her lower stomach. His teeth scraped across her skin, hard enough to make her shiver. “You know, when you didn’t show me the door after my first suggestion of a threesome, I knew you were the girl for me.”...