Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

Liaisons in Jubilee

Sometimes the truth is the greatest aphrodisiac.

Katie Mayes is the Executive Manager for a large, east coast beach resort. Unfortunately, her boss has discovered her one secret – her seasonal flings with Caleb Beckett, the Entertainment Director for the resort. Company policy dictates no internal fraternization, especially between managers and their subordinates, so her boss gives Katie a choice. Caleb or her job.

She avoids personal encounters with Caleb, until one fateful night a week before the resort’s big summer launch. Then, she runs into him at a local nightclub. When Caleb approaches her, she tries to give him the cold shoulder, but he follows her onto the dance floor where the music, her desire, and his persistence break her will. She claims it’s only one more night before they break it off completely, but Caleb insists on more. Far from an ending, he views the summer as their true beginning.

83 from Mrs. Giggles:...I like Liaisons In Jubilee. What I really like about it is how author Jamie Craig manages to show me why those two characters can evolve from being happy shagbuddies for a few months every year to something more. There are plenty of sex here, complete with some mild bondage elements, but throughout everything, the fact that the characters like and care for each other comes through pretty well for me. I also appreciate how Katie is allowed to have a career, be good at it, and want to keep having that career without being dumped on her choices by the author.

4 1/2 lips from Kerin, Two Lips Reviews:...The love scenes are erotic and will have your heart racing and panties wet. I really adored both characters and was rooting for their happy ending. Caleb was simply to-die-for and Katie’s a very lucky woman! From beginning to end, Liaisons in Jubilee is a fantastic read, as in my experience, is anything written by Jamie Craig.

4 roses from Nicole, My Book Cravings:...Wow, this was a beautiful, intense story. I loved the way that Katie just thought she could walk away from Caleb when they were found out. I love this series from Samhain and they just get better and better, "Great Job Authors", keep it up.

4 stars from Stefani Clayton, Just Erotic Romance Reviews:...This story moves rather quickly and flows extremely well. When these two come together the sparks fly, and I have to say, the sex scenes will have you screaming for more, and more.

4 hearts from Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio:...Lots and lots of very erotic sex fill the pages of the book with the story wrapped around it. This is a fun tale of a life many of us can only dream of. That makes it a great escape from more complicated reading. The authors show us how easily a complex situation could be solved with the right motives. When Katie finds out the depth of Caleb’s feelings she moves mountains to make things work out. This is an easy, sizzling read.

From Maggie Anderson, RRT Erotic:...Luscious, steamy, consensual sex makes them one and I am surprised that the Boardwalk escaped scorching. Jamie Craig has a winner in LIASONS IN JUBILEE. Sights and sounds are vividly depicted and all turns out well. It is a good read and I recommend it.

From Indy, Joyfully Reviewed:...Open, daring and a no holds barred evening of lust made Liaisons in Jubilee sinful to read and a delight to experience.

5 angels from Chris P., Fallen Angel Reviews:...With curl-your-toes sex and two hot bodies coming together in a blaze of passion, Liaisons in Jubilee would make anyone ready to book a room at the nearest resort.


The night was sweltering by the time Katie was able to slip away. Neon painted the boardwalk in dancing red and yellow lights, and tourists were thick along the paths as they strolled along, clogging the way for those who had an actual destination in mind. In her low-slung jeans and silk camisole, Katie melted into the crowd, indiscernible even to locals as the sharp-suited executive manager at the Jubilee. She’d left the updo back at the hotel too. Her pale blonde hair hung in layers past her shoulders, highlighting the classical angles of her face even more effectively than her natural makeup and sheer pink lipstick. The combination made her look a good decade younger than her thirty-two years.

It took ten minutes of brisk walking to reach the nightclub she had in mind. The Wooden Nickel was good for escaping the rigors of her structured life. Nobody knew her here; for the most part, it catered to out-of-town college kids. Even better, it had a dance floor that spilled out onto the beach, and in the rising summer heat, it was better to be writhing under a clear, starry sky, than jammed into a small square with a hundred other bodies trying to do the same thing.

The club was already packed by the time Katie arrived. The air pulsated, the driving bass booming over the speakers, but she ignored the call of the music to head straight for the bar. She wanted a beer first. Something to get the juices flowing. Then she’d pick out her partner of the night and get the party started right.

It happened as she leaned over the counter to give the bartender her drink order.

Sweat dripped between her breasts, but it was the distinct prickle on the back of her neck that made Katie stiffen. Somebody was watching her. More than one set of eyes had followed her in, but this was different. This was watching with purpose. Easing back onto her stool as casually as possible, she tilted her head in the vague direction she’d sensed it.

Nobody was there. Nobody she knew, anyway. Then she lifted her gaze upward to the balcony railing that overlooked the beach.

Eyes like dark chocolate regarded her from beneath heavy lids. Dark brown hair he always wore too long for company policy—that he only got away with because he played on a regular basis with the bands he booked—was pushed back off his structured features, and some time over the past few weeks he’d grown a moustache and goatee that framed his succulent mouth perfectly. He even wore the dark suit and jewelry that typified his attire when he was onstage. Only Caleb Beckett had the aplomb and style to pull off such an ensemble in a college bar.

Katie’s stomach alternated between constant fluttering and utter stillness. Damn it. She didn’t need this tonight. If she had half a brain, she’d forget her drink, walk out of the club and go back to Jubilee.

It took everything she had to turn back to the bartender when he set her beer down in front of her. One drink. Then she’d leave.

She drank her beer quickly, the cold liquid temporarily soothing her parched throat, the alcohol going straight to her head. But it wasn’t fast enough. She felt him at her back, even though he wasn’t quite touching her.

“Come here to dance?”