Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

June: Commencement

Andrew Parish has waited four years to tell Dr. Levi McCrea how he feels about him. Four years of sparring in his classroom. Four years of challenging the brilliant older man. Now, on the eve of graduating from UC Berkeley, he can’t wait any longer.

When his most provocative student shows up on his doorstep, Levi isn’t sure what to think, especially when Andrew asks him out on a date. The fact that Levi doesn’t go out with students, however, doesn’t dissuade Andrew. He simply vows to come back the next day after he has his diploma in hand.

After all, Andrew has waited four long years. One more day won’t matter...

From Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed:...Commencement is very sexy, very hot, and very romantic. Andrew is a man on a mission when it comes to his pursuit for Levi. Taking no for an answer is not an option. Levi is more reserved about his feelings at first. Once he gives in to Andrew, his dominant and slightly possessive side comes through. It’s very sexy. Andrew and Levi have great chemistry both in and out of bed. Commencement is the perfect May/December romance!

From Elisa Rolle:...The story is not very long, 60 pages, but it is charming. Actually the story is good, the sex joyous and the characters nice, so nice that I'd like to read more.

4 angels from Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews:...Ms. Craig has created a story about two very strong men who are willing to put everything on the line to reach for what they want most in life, a love to last a lifetime. Almost every student at one time or another has feelings for a teacher, but never get to live out their dreams. Levi is a man with strong beliefs in what is right and wrong. Andrew loves this about him even though those ideas made them wait to explore their feelings for one another for four years. Andrew appears to be a cocky young man, but underneath he knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to wait for it. Together they create a love that is poignant and very erotic.

4 nymphs from Mystical Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews:...filled with interesting characters, witty dialogue, realistic situations and explosive sex.

4 ribbons from jhayboy, Romance Junkies:...a great read that will have you rooting for the survival of their relationship, as you genuinely cannot imagine Andrew and Levi with anyone else.

4 lips from Tina, TwoLips Reviews:...a fun, quick read and I highly recommended it for anyone who wants some good steamy man love in their life.

3 stars from British Bull Dog, Rainbow Reviews:...Andrew is one sexy character. Made even more so by his long-held determination to show Levi how much he loves him. Frequent mention is made of their past student-teacher relationship, so there is plenty of background to the pair, they don’t just meet one day and are instantly attracted. Craig gives us a realistic portrait of two men who have held back for four years, so no wonder they go a little wild when the breaks come off. The sex is hot and those who like plenty of it will be well satisfied. I was particularly grateful to see that the author has given these two more in common than just physical attraction. It makes me think they stand a good chance of making it long-term. I’m a sucker for happy-ever-after endings.


...Andrew Parish had found his way under Levi’s skin as a freshman, and he’d never left. He was stubborn, and arrogant, and far too confident in his own abilities. Andrew Parish never asked anybody for anything, because he had complete faith in himself. When he did ask for a favor, like a recommendation letter, he always did so with a royal air, as though he was granting the favor, not requesting one. As though everybody was merely waiting for their chance to finally serve Andrew Parish and his needs. Despite his attitude, he was a good-natured boy. Remarkably kind-hearted. Pleasant.

Levi had understood quickly that if he ever let himself think about Andrew as anything more than a student, he’d be too tempted to keep crossing lines. He didn’t even consider Andrew a friend, though he saw Andrew more often than most of his colleagues and lovers. He couldn’t think about what it might be like to see Andrew out of class. He couldn’t pretend Andrew was a peer. He couldn’t even acknowledge Andrew’s birthdays, though Andrew always had the curious tendency to invite Levi to his celebrations. Andrew was first, last, and always a student, and Levi never let himself forget that fact.

And now after shepherding Andrew through four long, short years, he was finally graduating. He was going to move on to the rest of his life—he was going to take the world by storm. He was going to take whatever he wanted. Levi couldn’t stop him. He didn’t even know how.

The kiss had been surprising, and surprisingly unexpected. The whole, strange meeting had been surprisingly unexpected. Levi didn’t think in terms of destiny, but did he ever really doubt that Andrew would show up at his door one night? Did he ever really think Andrew would quietly allow things to end between them before things could get started? The meeting was inevitable. More inevitable than anything else in Levi’s life.

Thousands of men and women were graduating, and Levi shouldn’t have been able to pick out a single face in the crowd. His eyes shouldn’t have gone directly to Andrew’s face. But there wasn’t anybody else in the stadium. There was just Andrew, and Andrew was watching him, and the whole world could have ended, Andrew wouldn’t have looked away from him.

Andrew was a very focused young man.

Levi eventually did lose sight of his former student. When the ceremony finally ended, and the crowd devolved into chaos, he lost sight of Andrew. A part of him hoped that would be a permanent situation. Andrew had his family there, and his friends. Even if he wanted to leave them to seek out Levi, would they really let him?

He was tight with nerves.

Could he really give Andrew what he wanted? After four years of denying that he wanted to give anything to Andrew? After four years of pretending he wasn’t aware of the way Andrew always watched him?

Levi knew he should send Andrew home.

And when he pulled into his driveway to discover Andrew was already waiting for him, his mortarboard and robe discarded in favor of a pair of dark blue jeans and a black T-shirt, he knew he should send the younger man home.

He rose from where he sat on the porch, long limbs unfolding as he stretched to his full height. He had a smile ready. He always had a smile ready. Levi had witnessed it disarm even the most stalwart of debate opponents, mostly because Andrew had some innate sense about knowing when best to wield it.

The fact that he knew that at all was further proof Andrew needed to leave.

“You must have gotten caught up in the parking mess, too,” Andrew said. “When I walked back to my apartment, it was backed up for blocks.”

“Yeah. It was awful. Have you been waiting for long?”

“Not too long.” He glanced up at the deep blue sky. “The day’s too nice not to want to be out in it as much as possible.”

“Did you leave your family and friends waiting for you at your apartment?”

“Oh, no, they took off. They’re going to have a little party this weekend instead of something tonight.” His smile softened. “Which means I’m completely and utterly free.”

Levi almost expected Andrew to add a lewd suggestion. When he didn’t, Levi pulled open the screen door and unlocked the deadbolt. “You sure you want to come inside?”

Andrew grabbed the edge of the screen to hold it open for him. To anybody else, it might have simply looked like he was being helpful. For Levi, it made him all too aware of how it caged him between the lean young man and his unopened front door.

“I’ve never been more sure of anything else,” Andrew said.

The T-shirt pulled tight across Andrew’s chest and shoulders, giving Levi a damned good idea of just how muscled and fine his body was. How many times had Andrew strolled into Levi’s class, all easy grace and fluid lines? The thought made Levi’s stomach twist.

He’s not your student now. You can let him in...