Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

Fortune's Honor

Clay Putnam has always been the responsible one in his family. He runs the family ranch, Good Fortune, by himself and takes care of his ailing mother. He is happy to make sacrifices so his brothers can follow their own dreams, especially his younger brother, Ty, a bull-rider on the professional rodeo circuit. But he leads a very lonely life, and he longs to meet a woman who could love his home, and his family, as much as he does.

Paige Murphy fell for Tyís boyish charm and exuberance, and she agrees to spend her summer vacation at the Good Fortune Ranch while Ty follows the rodeo all over the western states. She is happy to be engaged to Ty. Until she meets his older brother. Clay is mature, thoughtful, and very attractive. She thinks he might be interested in her as well, but they resist their mutual desire out of love and respect for Ty.

Passion and a surprising tragedy drives Paige into Clayís arms, but honor, not infatuation, dictates who they are.

5 hearts from Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio:...Great dialogue, scenery and interactions make this a powerful story. Itís easy to read, naturally flowing from scene to scene...

4 1/2 stars from LT Blue, JERR:...What a beautiful love story! Ms. Craig created a beautiful world filled with the trials and tribulations of a big ranch family in Fortuneís Honor. Clayís character is full of hope of family and a will to do what is right by the woman he finds himself in love with and his little brother. Paige is just as committed to stand by her word to Ty ignoring the growing affection she has for his older brother. The chemistry between Clay and Paige is constantly simmering to the breaking point but the restraint they have just makes it hotter. When they finally have sex, it is a sensual coming together that provides that climax that lingers for a day. AWESOME! While the sex isnít as hot and orgasmic as I normally like, the sensuality is a perfect blend for this story.

From Ley, Joyfully Reviewed:...This story is so great! I loved, loved, loved Clay, he is a beautiful and honorable man inside and out and Paige was made for him. Paige and Clay took time getting to know each other and the love blossomed naturally, of course neither one was looking for it or expecting it but thatís when you know itís real. Fortuneís Honor is such a sweet and enjoyable story and I know many readers will just love it.

4 1/2 ribbons from jhayboy, Romance Junkies:Paige and Clay are both decent people, meeting at what would be considered the right time as they both need each other at this time, however the circumstances under which they meet is not ideal and both have enough honor and respect for each other to tread a fine line between what they want and what is right. High praise for FORTUNEíS HONOR, this book will definitely have you shedding more than a few tears.

4 angels from NeNe, Fallen Angel Reviews:...Jamie Craig knows how to twist a good western into something more than the average love story. Paige is a beautiful, smart woman who would prefer a man love her for whatís in her heart than the outer package. Handsome and selfless Clay has always taken the higher road to allow his brothers to fulfill their dreams. Of the brothers, he was the most fiercely protective of his mother and their home, and I could understand why he decided to stay and work on the ranch. The romance between Clay and Paige moved like a well-danced Tango. The work towards pleasing each other without actually realizing that love prompts them to do so. The story is set in a picturesque location, with nothing but nature assisting in their building a lasting future.

From Romance Book Scene:...a heart felt story about a lonely rancher who meets a woman perfect for him, but a little too late. This story is sensual, romantic and sweet.


...Maybe leaving her job might not be so bad. Maybe if she could convince Ty to take time off during the year to stay at the ranch, she could tolerate being dragged from town to town when he was riding. There was a town nearby; she might even be able to teach part-time.

With renewed hope in her heart, she slipped in through the open stable doors. Clay had told her to talk to Ty about it; the next time he called, she was going to do just that.

Sugar and Dan were tied to a rope outside the tack room, but neither was saddled. She couldn't see Clay, but she thought she could hear something in the back stall. A pause, then a thump, pause, thump. It was as rhythmic as breathing. Curious, she followed the sound, stepping between beams of light slanting through the roof.

She found Clay in a small stall, stripped to the waist, a shovel in hand. The thump was the sound of manure and hay hitting the wheelbarrow as Clay methodically tossed each fresh load in a short arc.

He had to have been up for hours. Sweat gleamed across his skin, each muscle outlined for any and all to see. She watched a single bead run down the side of his neck, detour when it hit his shoulder, and then continue downward, over his chest, around the nipple, and along abs that looked like they'd been carved from stone. A thin dark line of hair snaked down the middle of his navel, too, disappearing beneath the waistband of his jeans.

He had no idea she was standing there. He worked with the freedom of a man who knew exactly what he was doing, knew exactly what he wanted, and Paige thought she'd never seen someone so intent on something so simple. Not even Ty looked like this when he was focused on his riding. It made her chest tighten and her breath quicken.

Her quickening breath might have alerted him to her presence, because he looked up suddenly, pinning her with his curious green eyes. An unexpected shiver of shame rolled through her, like he had caught her spying on something private, witnessing something she had no right to see. The moment came and passed quickly, and he buried the nose of the shovel in the soft ground at his feet. He leaned against the handle, his right toes resting behind his left heel, and favored her with a smile that put her back at ease.

"I didn't forget you."

"I didn't think you had." Sticking her hands in her back pockets, she ventured a step closer. "Do you always muck out the stables before breakfast?"

Clay wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. "Sometimes. I came in here to get Sugar and I noticed Tony didn't do it on Friday." He tossed another shovel's worth of manure and straw into the barrow, and then set the shovel against the wall. "Did Ty show you how to saddle a horse?"

Paige shook her head. It was hard not to stare when his every movement drew attention to a new muscle. She half-wanted to ask him to put his shirt back on, but the other half that was enjoying the view quashed the urge.

"Are you going to need to shower?" she asked, and then immediately regretted it. It brought up images of Clay under the water, that dark line of hair wet and tempting as it led downward. Her shame returned in a rush. This was her fiance's brother. The last thing she should be thinking about was getting on her knees and helping him wash up.

"Wouldn't make sense to shower now. Still got a whole day of work ahead of me." He paused and sniffed under his arm. "Do I stink?"

She stifled the desire to close the distance between them and check up close and personal in favor of turning it into a joke. "I'm standing in the middle of a stable. No matter what, you're going to be the best smelling thing in it."

His eyes lingered on her. "No, I'm not."

Clay turned before she responded and left the stall, leaving her to follow him back to the tack room. Straps of golden light fell across his shoulders and the back of his neck. Dust clung to his skin, and he brushed it away from his arms.

Her eyes followed the long sweep of his hands, but when he kept missing one patch on the back of his bicep, Paige stepped up behind him.

"Here. Let me."

He stiffened the second before her fingers touched his skin, holding perfectly still while she swiped away the stubborn grit. Though she didn't look up at him, she felt his gaze boring down at her, watching her hands glide over his muscle...