Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

This is part 2 of the punishment story previously posted. Gideon takes Jesse to the bedroom...


“I think it’s time to get you into bed.” Gideon carried him out of the room and headed for the stairs. “You’ve got a whole half of your body I haven’t had a chance to mark yet.”

Any other time, Jesse might have protested. Or thought of protesting. But now he was just grateful that Gideon was going to continue the punishment in bed, and not on the hard floor.

He laid Jess down with surprising gentleness, and Jess hoped Gideon saw how grateful he was for that. Gideon pulled the restraints from beneath the mattress, spreading Jesse's legs and placing his arms over his head without being told. The cuffs were made of strong Velcro, and Gideon pulled each one tight over Jesse’s ankles and wrists.

His eyes were dark when he finally stood at the end of the bed. “You’re leaking all over the sheets,” Gideon said, looking pointedly at Jesse’s ass. “Let’s get you cleaned up first before I get the flogger out.”

Jesse’s ass clenched as Gideon crawled between his legs. He barely had time to catch his breath before Gideon bent his head and dragged the flat of his tongue along his inner thigh, stopping only when he reached his stretched hole.

“Let’s make this a little more interesting,” he heard Gideon murmur.

The next thing he felt was the sting of Gideon’s fangs as they followed the path his tongue had taken around Jesse’s waiting pucker.

It felt like every muscle in Jesse’s body clenched as Gideon’s fangs continued to scrape against his bruised skin. Each sharp sting was soothed by Gideon’s tongue, and then he repeated the process. When he tried to pull away from the fangs, Gideon put a hard hand on his hip, holding him in place. When he tried to push forward, silently begging Gideon to probe deeper, Gideon removed his tongue entirely, and wouldn’t resume until Jesse remained utterly still.

It lasted an eternity that blinked out in a moment. Too soon, Gideon was off the bed, and Jesse tracked his movements to the wardrobe where he pulled out his favorite leather flogger. What he didn’t expect was the butt plug to come with it. It was the one Gideon made him sit in at his desk when he insisted Jess not wear pants. It was the one toy they had that guaranteed to hit Jesse’s prostate every time he moved.

“Might as well make this fun for you, too,” he said with a fang-filled grin. Using one hand to pry Jesse’s ass cheeks apart, he shoved the plug in with the other without bothering to take it easy.

Jesse cried out, his arms straining against the cuffs, his back arching off the bed. His bruised, and now sliced, flesh was stretched around the toy, but the tip hit his prostate and that pleasure blended with and colored the sudden pain. The unexpected sensation brought his cock back to life, leaving him semi-erect.

“Just wait until it’s me in there again,” Gideon said. His arm swung, and the flogger came down across Jesse’s abdomen just inches from his cock. “I plan on fucking you raw tonight, boy. Tell me that’s what you want.”

“I want…” His words stalled as Gideon brought the flogger down again, moving just a bit closer to his cock. “I want you to fuck me raw, Gideon.”

The leather whistled through the air, this time slicing directly across Jesse’s shaft. “You can’t beg without saying please,” Gideon growled.

Jesse tried to double over himself despite the restraints, too shocked to even howl. The air seemed lodged in his throat, and Gideon raised his arm again, giving Jess a silent warning. “Please…please,” he stammered. “Please fuck me raw, Gideon. Please, that’s what I want.”

“Because you’re a slut. My slut.” A slight shift of his wrist angled the flogger in a new direction, and the leather strips slapped against Jesse’s right nipple.

“I am. I am your slut.” Now that the initial shock had passed, the pain was fading into a tingling that spread through his skin. He already felt raw and sensitive, and the strike across his left nipple sent his heated blood rushing to his skin and down to his cock.

“Of course you are.”

Gideon brought down two strokes in quick succession that left Jesse gasping, arching slightly away from the mattress again. In a flash, Gideon was kneeling on the bed, his hand forcing Jesse’s shoulder back to the bed in a bruising shove.

“Do you know what the problem with a flogger is, Jess?”

“No…no…what is it?”

“No blood.”

His golden eyes glinted, locked with Jesse’s, as Gideon bowed his head and dragged his fangs in a circle around Jess’ nipple. It broke the skin just enough for scarlet beads to collect in the scratches, but Gideon didn’t lick it up as he expected. He moved to the other nipple and repeated the motion, until both were stinging in the open air.

Jesse lifted his head, watching as the thin lines of blood began to flow down his chest. The cuts were shallow enough that if left alone, they would stop bleeding, but Gideon wouldn’t leave them alone. A genuine thrill of fear shot through him. How far did Gideon intend to take this? If they had a safe word, he might have used it then, just to pause long enough to ask.

“God, you’re gorgeous like this,” Gideon murmured. He licked a runaway rivulet down Jesse’s stomach, reaching between his legs to give the butt plug a good twist. Before the electric shock across his prostate could register, Gideon’s mouth was on his, with the taste of his blood now filling both of their mouths.

Jesse kissed him back hungrily, finding a momentary solace in the familiar act—even if Gideon’s teeth were sharp and his lips bruising. The hard edge that had been present in Gideon’s tone earlier was gone now, and the familiar words coming in Gideon’s familiar voice soothed away the fear, leaving nothing behind but curiosity and anticipation. When Gideon pulled back, Jesse felt the fresh, slick blood on his chin, and some dripped from his lips down his tongue to the back of his throat.

Gideon knelt by his ear, grasping his own cock at the base as he rubbed the head in the blood staining Jesse’s chin. “The only thing missing is your come.” He slapped his cock across Jesse’s face, smearing the blood around even more, before he held it over his mouth. “I’ll settle for painting my cock in your blood for now, I think.”

Jesse lifted his head slightly, catching as much of his blood with his tongue as he could, and then swiped it over the tip of Gideon’s cock. He pulled his lips tight over his teeth, then smeared them over Gideon’s shaft. When Gideon pulled back, the head was a darker red, and the shaft was coated in pink streaks.

The sight seemed to ignite feral inside Gideon, and he bowed back over Jesse’s chest, catching first one nipple between his teeth and then the other. Fresh blood flowed, staining Gideon’s chin, but he was oblivious to his mess as he reached down and cupped Jesse’s balls.

“Do I need to put a ring back on you to keep you from coming?” he demanded.

“I won’t come, Gideon. Not until you tell me I can, I promise.”

Gideon squeezed a little harder for a brief moment before letting him go. “Good.” In the space of a blink, he was back between Jesse’s legs, snatching out the butt plug. “Because I think I’m going to last a little bit longer this time. And you don’t come until I do.”

Jesse automatically bent his knees as much as the straps would allow. The light in Gideon’s yellow eyes frightened him again—because that light was very familiar. It was the same sort of gleam that he had when he was high on the obsidian. That sort of lack of control combined with his earlier anger made for a very potent—and very dangerous combination. Jesse’s cock became fully erect, the fear heightening, rather dampening, his arousal.

The only lube now was Jesse’s own sticky, drying blood that coated his ass and Gideon’s cock. As Gideon positioned himself, his nostrils flared, and he took several unnecessary, erratic breaths, as though he was savoring each second. Jesse realized he probably was—he could even smell the blood now, mingling with the scent of their earlier fucking and the threads of come that still coated both of them.

Gideon looked at him with a sly, knowing grin. That was his only warning before he plunged into Jesse’s ass, thrusting his cock to the root, his heavy balls slapping against Jesse’s skin. Jess had tried to brace himself for it, but of course, he couldn’t brace himself for Gideon’s raw strength. He felt like he was going to be split in two, like he was literally tearing, and he knew Gideon’s cock would be covered in fresh blood as he began to slide out again.

“I want to hear you scream,” Gideon murmured darkly, before thrusting forward again, with as much force as before.

Jesse realized that wasn’t going to be a problem, the scream ripping from his throat by the time Gideon was fully seated. Gideon established a punishing rhythm, moving to some primal beat that Jesse couldn’t hear. Each time he pulled back, Jesse sobbed for breath, and with each brutal slam forward, he screamed for Gideon, screamed for mercy, screamed for more.

His vision was blurring—from the loss of blood, from the pain, from the tears in his eyes—but Gideon didn’t blur. He rose above him like a vengeful god, his nostrils flaring with each thrust, his yellow eyes shining wildly, and words Jesse barely understood coming from his mouth. Love to make you bleed…love to hear you scream…gonna fuck you until you can’t move…

A different, hotter band of pain made the world turn red, and Jesse realized that Gideon was gripping the base of his cock, his strong fingers tight around his shaft—tighter than any cock ring. He didn’t stroke him, he just held him, and his entire groin throbbed. But he could barely feel the throbbing over the pulsating agony Gideon was sending through him.

The blood coming from his lips slowed, but his nipples were still bleeding freely. Gideon bent over him, licking the blood and fueling his thrusts. He ran his hands over Jesse’s chest, painting his pale skin, scraping his blunt nails over the wounds, opening them further. And the screams just kept coming, ripping through him again and again until he was hoarse. Loud, soft, full, or weak, it didn’t seem to matter. Gideon kept up the same intensity no matter what Jesse did, and he hoped that Gideon would come before he broke him completely.

Jesse had no idea how much time had passed. Minutes? Hours? Time had lost meaning. Everything in the world that wasn’t Gideon lost meaning. Gideon stiffened without warning, his whole body going rigid as he thrust forward once more, his cock jerking hard against Jesse’s bruised walls. Still, Gideon’s fingers remained wrapped around his cock tightly, and Jesse whimpered, the last of his strength going into the pitiful sound.

“Come for me, Jess,” Gideon demanded, stroking his erection.

Jesse’s body convulsed, shaking uncontrollably as he reached his orgasm. And he just kept shaking. It felt like he was never going to stop. Each time he thought he was finished, Gideon’s cock would jerk, or he’d move his hips grinding against his overly-sensitized skin, and Jesse would shudder again. The trembling seemed as endless as his screaming earlier, and even when Gideon pulled out of him, he couldn’t stop shaking.

Gideon stretched out on his side beside Jess, his body solid against Jess’s quivering limbs. “Who do you belong to, Jess?”

“You,” he breathed automatically.

Reaching across Jesse’s body, Gideon undid the Velcro around his wrist, undoing the restraint, before moving to remove the others. Jesse’s muscles were too liquid to do anything but lie in his spreadeagle position after he was free, but Gideon didn’t leave him like that for long, scooping his bloodied and battered body into his arms. He pulled him on top of Gideon’s as Gideon rolled onto his back, licking almost gently at the blood that had dried on Jesse’s mouth.

“Don’t ever forget you’re mine,” Gideon murmured.

“I won’t,” Jesse promised, burying his face in Gideon’s neck. Gideon’s body was firm beneath his, and warm from Jesse’s blood. He took several deep breaths, ignoring the sting of his chest as his skin slid against Gideon’s. He didn’t know if he was slipping closer to sleep or just unconsciousness, but he didn’t want to drift into the blackness yet. “I won’t ever forget, Gideon.”