Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

We like to think about all the possessive games Gideon played at the start of their relationship. We envision this happening some time in the first few months after the end of Master of Obsidian, when the trust is still growing.


When Jesse found the note on his desk, his stomach fell to his ankles. Get naked and go to the playroom. G. He was stripping his shirt before he even finished reading, and by the time he reached the playroom, he was naked. He paused outside the door, trying to imagine what he’d find inside, but he wasn’t prepared for what he actually saw.

Gideon stood in the middle of the room, fully dressed, a studded leather paddle hanging loosely from his hand. The manacles weren't out, but there was a spreading bar with hand restraints on the floor, and a small silver chain with clamps and a cock ring attached. Jesse’s mouth ran dry. From the look on Gideon’s face, he knew that he was going to be all business. Which meant, he couldn’t speak until spoken to.

“On your knees, boy.”

Before the last word was out of Gideon’s mouth, Jess was down, his hands behind his back as he awaited further instruction.

Gideon’s gaze flickered to Jesse’s already jutting erection. “Too bad for you you’re hard already. Crawl over here and put on the cock ring. I’m going to clamp you myself.”

Jesse crawled to the spot where Gideon pointed and slid the cock ring over his shaft and balls. He winced a little once it was in place. From the tone of Gideon’s voice, he thought it would be a long time before Gideon removed it.

Crouching down in front of him, Gideon picked up the steel chain, toying with the clips on the end. “I’m very disappointed in you,” he said. His eyes were nearly black, and it was impossible not to notice the bulge in his crotch. Without looking away, he attached the first clamp to Jesse’s nipple, making sure to open it as far as it could go before releasing so that the shock it sent to Jesse’s straining cock was even sharper. “I think this is going to be one punishment you don’t forget for a very long time.”

Jesse wracked his brain, trying to think of anything he might have done that would have disappointed Gideon, but he was drawing a blank. The second clamp pinching his other nipple didn’t help his failing memory. “I’m sorry, Gideon. What have I done?”

Gideon gave a sharp tug on the chain. “I got a call while you were on your way back from Genevieve Roaman’s. She wanted to tell me what a pleasure it was finally getting to meet you, how charming you were, and what a natural flirt.” His powerful hand clasped the back of Jesse’s neck, yanking him forward so that their noses were almost touching. “Apparently, something you said made her think you were available, and she wanted to try and talk me into giving you the weekend off so you could join her for a little cruise on the lake.”

Jesse knew that he couldn’t offer any explanation that would prompt Gideon to remove the clamps and send him out again. In fact, an explanation might make the situation worse for him. “I’m sorry. I did flirt with her a little. But I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Everything you do means something. Who do you belong to?”

“You, Gideon,” Jess answered immediately.

“But you forgot that today. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have flirted with Genevieve.” The grip on his neck tightened and Gideon pushed him to the floor, bending him at the waist. “Assume the position. I’m not going to have you forget you who belong to, Jess. And if I have to turn every inch of your body black and blue, I’m going to make sure you never do again.”

If asked, Jesse would swear that he never did anything to purposely anger Gideon, that he never sought out a real punishment. But as his cock throbbed and a steady ache radiated through his mid-section, he realized that would be an impossible claim to support. Why would anybody believe him when Gideon’s very real threat made his pulse race with anticipation?

He kneeled obediently, his face touching the floor, his ass in the air, and his hands resting by his ankles. Gideon slid the bar beneath his shins, strapping his wrists and ankles to the spreaders, leaving him completely immobile.

Gideon picked up the paddle again and began circling Jess, passing in and out of his line of sight as he spoke. “Maybe I’m wasting my time with you. Maybe all these times when I find out about you leading men and women on are just your way of telling me you want out of this relationship. Is that it, Jess? Is that what you’re trying to tell me?”

Sweat began to bead his neck and brow. “No, no Gideon. I don’t want out. I only want you.”

“Funny, from this angle, you don’t seem very grateful for what we have.”

Jesse’s mouth opened to respond, but at that moment, he heard a whistling through the air and the sharp crack as the studded paddle hit his bare ass.

The pain was exquisite, and sharp tears pricked the back of his eyes. He blinked rapidly, holding his breath as the throbbing spread through his body. He didn’t cry out, but he knew a few more good hits like that, and he would be. “I am…I am grateful, Gideon. For every day.”

“No, you’re not. You’re a selfish little cockslut who’ll roll over for anybody who shows you a little attention.” The paddle landed again, this time in a fresh spot and even harder, and Jesse’s hands curled into fists to try and stave the pain. “I should take you to Sangre and then walk away. Fuck knows that’s probably what you’re dying for.”

“No, no,” Jesse gasped. “Please, Gideon, please don’t do that.” Somehow Gideon managed to find another fresh spot, high on his ass, almost missing the fleshy part completely. He knew that Gideon was holding himself back, but it felt like it wasn’t by much. His cock jerked, pulling on the chain and sending two sharp slivers of fresh pain through his torso. “I’m not…Gideon, please, I’m not a cockslut.”

The blow that landed then eclipsed the others, but even as Jess squeezed his eyes shut against the pain, Gideon was there in his face, grabbing his chin and forcing his head upward. Fear lanced through him when he opened his eyes to meet Gideon’s golden ones.

“You’re not a cockslut?” His voice was dangerously low, and a shiver went down Jesse’s spine. “You’re hard now, boy. You’re leaking all over my clean floor and I know that if I let you go and ordered you to lick it up, your mouth would be all over it before I had a chance to blink. I know that if I stood you up naked in the middle of this room and then brought in four more vamps, you’d have one in both your holes and your hands full. And then you’d come and beg for more. So don’t tell me you’re not a cockslut. You’d glue your mouth to mine if I have you the chance.”

Jesse stared at him stupidly for a few moments before his brain kicked back into gear. “You’re right. You’re right, Gideon, I am. I’m sorry.” He swallowed hard, Gideon’s yellow eyes still boring into his. “But I’m yours, Gideon. Nobody else’s, ever. Only yours. I’ll do whatever I have to do to prove it to you. Please, let me prove it to you.”

“I know this song, boy. I think it’s one of your favorites. But you know what? I don’t think you can prove it. I don’t think you have it in you.” He stood and took a step back, dropping the paddle to the floor beyond Jesse’s reach. “Think about what you’ve done, boy. I’m sure there’s somebody out there who can appreciate what I can give them.”

Jesse craned his neck to watch Gideon pass him and go straight out the door, slamming it shut behind him.

He caught his breath, straining his ears for any sign of Gideon, but he heard nothing except the rapid thunder of his own heart in his ears. His flesh still throbbed everywhere Gideon had hit him, but it was nothing compared to the stifling feeling of fear that was expanding through his chest. Gideon normally did not walk out on him, and Gideon had to know that it wasn’t necessary for Jess to think about what it meant to lose him.

He remained motionless and silent for several moments, paralyzed by shock and indecision, unsure if he should call out or remain silent. The passing time was marked by the growing pain in his knees and back, but other than that, he had no idea how long he was left alone.

Finally, desperately, he shouted Gideon’s name.

It took several seconds, but the knob turned, the door swinging slowly open. Gideon leaned against the jamb, arms folded across his chest, but didn’t enter. He didn’t say a word, simply regarded with eyes still golden. And waited.

Jesse licked his dry lips. “Nobody can appreciate you more than I do, Gideon. Nobody. I’m grateful for everything you do for me, and to me, and I love you.”

Gideon still didn’t move. “If I come back in this room, there will be additional punishment. Beyond the paddling.”

The fear had temporarily dulled his arousal, but the sound of Gideon’s voice was enough to send a surge of desire through him. “Please come back in.”

Slowly, Gideon unfolded from his pose at the door, though he took his time re-entering and closing the door behind him. He peeled off his shirt, exposing his muscled chest, then crossed to pick the paddle back up again.

“You’re going to count off for me, boy. Thirteen strokes. One for every minute you made me wait for you to call for me.” He slapped the paddle against his hand as he disappeared around Jesse’s body. “And then we’ll discuss what the rest of your punishment is going to be.”

Each slap of the paddle was sharp and precise, landing in the same spot over and over. The first few were bearable, but by the time he reached six, Jesse was shaking, and by the time Gideon reached nine, it was all Jess could do to speak at all. By the time he reached twelve, his face felt a little damp, and he was sobbing for air. It was all he could do to say thirteen, and it felt like the ring around his cock had been tightened.

He heard the paddle being set aside, followed by the whisk of Gideon’s belt. Seconds later, cool hands cupped his face, and he lifted his head to find Gideon’s just inches away.

“Who do you belong to?” came the soft query.

“You, Gideon, you.”

“That’s my boy.”

The kiss that followed was deceptive. Gideon exerted little pressure as his strong mouth met Jesse’s quivering one, but he moved in such a way that his fangs tore at the soft skin, bloodying them for him to gently lick away. His blood-covered tongue twisted with Jesse’s, and Jess chased it when he tried to pull away.

Finally, Gideon let him go, though he only sat back on his heels to look at him. “For the next week,” he said, “you’re forbidden clothes, except for your collar and leash. You’ll crawl behind me unless I give you express permission to walk. You can’t touch yourself except to go to the bathroom, and if you come, I’ll put you in the spreader and leave you there as long as it pleases me. When I’m at my desk, you’ll be under it, with my cock as your gag. And every night, before we go to bed, you’ll get the paddle before I fuck you. Do you understand?”

By the time Gideon finished speaking, Jesse was trembling violently. Gideon had never outlined such an extensive punishment before, but he knew he would happily agree to anything Gideon demanded. There were worse fates than being Gideon’s slave for a week. “Yes, I understand.”

“And who do you belong to?”

“I belong to you, Gideon.”

Gideon swiped his thumb across Jesse’s lower lip, catching the blood there and smearing it around. “Tell me what my boy wants right now,” he said.

“I would like you to fuck me, please.”

“Do you deserve to be fucked?”

“No, I don’t.”

“I don’t have any lube, boy.” He rose up on his knees then and Jesse realized he’d shed his pants already. He held his cock so that the tip brushed across Jesse’s bloody mouth. “You’ll have to slick me up.”

Jesse opened his mouth eagerly, and Gideon pushed past his lips. Jesse smoothed his tongue over the head, smearing the blood and pre-come. Gideon pushed his cock straight into Jesse’s mouth and forced it down his throat. The stretching of his lips induced more blood to flow down the side of his mouth and Gideon watched it with hungry eyes, catching the drops with his thumb and licking the red stain away. The thrusts were slow, but with enough power to be bruising, and when Gideon finally pulled away, his cock glistened.

“Maybe when I’ve got both my cock and fangs in you, you’ll remember who it is you belong to,” Gideon said, as if Jess hadn’t already repeated more than once that he was Gideon’s. He straightened, and skimming his hand over Jesse’s bowed back, moved to kneel behind him. Cool hands smoothed over the burn left by the paddle, easing away some of the sting.

“God, you’re so fucking hot,” Gideon murmured. “I love it when you’re like this.” One hand remained caressing an ass cheek, while the other guided his fat cock to Jesse’s waiting hole. “What is it you wanted again, boy?”

“Please fuck me,” Jesse rasped.

“My fucking pleasure.”

Jesse’s back arched as Gideon slammed into him with a single bruising stroke, his wrists chafing against the restraints as he pulled at them. Gideon immediately set up a swift rhythm, eluding Jesse’s prostate on nearly every thrust. Only occasionally would he make contact, but it was fleeting, taunting him with the exquisite pleasure that was beyond his reach.

“You’re my cockslut, all right,” Gideon growled. “Mine. My hole to ravage and bleed. Mine to fuck. Mine to eat. You love it when I do that, don’t you? When I stick my tongue inside you as deep as it’ll go and lick you out? My little slut begs so pretty when I do that.”

“I’m yours, I’m yours,” Jesse repeated, over and over until the words began to fade together and became moans of pleasure, groans of pain. Occasionally, his mind would clear long enough for him to find words again, and he grasped at anything Gideon said, eager to agree, plead, beg for more. “Love your tongue…love your cock…love it when you make me bleed…”

His head spun as Gideon grasped his shoulder and dragged him as upright as he could go. It forced him to bend his elbows and for Gideon to drape over his back, but Jesse didn’t complain, not even when Gideon reached around and began tugging on the chain that connected his balls and nipples. Fangs raked across his neck, scoring pairs of lines up its length, but Gideon’s mouth stopped at his ear, even while his hips continued to piston in and out of his ass.

“Beg me to bite you,” he whispered. “Convince me you need it.”

Jesse was hardly coherent anymore, but he knew that Gideon wasn’t giving him an option. “Gideon, I want everybody to see your mark on my neck…I want the world to see it so they know I’m yours…I want you to take as much as you can…I want my life to be in your hands…please…”

Gideon’s growl seemed to echo inside Jesse’s skull. His mouth moved away, licking away the blood trails that he’d left on his pass up, and the moment he found the softest spot he could, Gideon struck. Fangs pierced skin so swift that the pain was almost unnoticeable, going deep, deeper than Jess remembered feeling before, like Gideon wanted to eat him alive. Gideon’s entire body shuddered behind him, and his arm clamped around his waist as his cock erupted, blasting shot after shot of sticky come deep into Jesse’s ass.

Gideon sucked so hard on his skin that it hurt in a way Jesse hadn’t ever experienced. The first swallow made him stiffen, and his ass clenched around Gideon’s jerking cock. The second long pull made him whimper, and it was only then that Gideon’s hand slid down his body to unclasp the cock ring. Jesse could feel his orgasm building, getting closer and closer as Gideon sucked more and more blood from him, but it wasn’t until he began to feel like he was floating away from his body that Gideon fisted his cock, stroking him so hard it felt like he was yanking the orgasm from his body, and he shot his come over Gideon’s hand as he took one final swallow.

The fangs retracted, and though his head was spinning, he felt Gideon’s cheek at his ear. “Eat,” came the order. He opened his eyes to see Gideon’s cupped hand before his mouth, his own come oozing through his fingers. Without hesitating, Jess lowered his head and lapped at the sticky fluid.

Gideon didn’t move his hand away until Jesse had licked every drop of come from it, including between his fingers and on his wrist. Once his hand was clean, Gideon lowered him back to the floor, and then unbuckled his wrists and ankles. Jesse fell to his side, but didn’t try to stretch his legs, afraid they would cramp. He watched Gideon through half-closed eyes, hoping that he would allow him to go downstairs.

“You must be sore,” Gideon murmured, running his hand over Jesse’s hip. “Lie on your back, and relax until you feel comfortable enough to stretch.” Though it was painful, Jess did as he was told, grateful for the hard floor supporting his spine. Gideon edged closer, his cock still hard and glistening with come, and threw a leg over Jesse to straddle his chest. “Put your mouth to use while we wait,” he added. “Clean me off.”

Jesse lifted his head slightly, opening his mouth as Gideon guided the head of his cock past his lips once again. Jesse swirled his tongue around and around until his skin tasted like nothing except Gideon. Gideon pushed his cock in an inch at a time, slowly prompting Jess to bathe his shaft with his tongue, his body leaning further and further forward. When Jess had licked nearly to his base, Gideon eased out as slowly as he'd eased in.

“I think you missed some,” he said. Jess didn’t think so, but Gideon gripped his cock and lifted it, moving up at the same time until he was directly over Jesse’s face. “My balls and my ass feel sticky, too. Lick those clean. You have permission to use your hands if you want.”

Jesse’s arms were more or less unresponsive, having fallen asleep while in the restraints, but he did manage to get a hold of Gideon’s cock, holding it out of his way while he sucked Gideon’s balls into his mouth. He lavished them with his tongue, focusing on one and then the other until Gideon grunted his approval. Then he gently cupped them and pushing the sac to the side. The tip of his tongue slid down Gideon’s skin until he reached his ass. Though he still felt a bit dizzy, and his cock was not stirring to life again, chill after chill rolled down his spine as he listened to Gideon’s soft moans of approval.

“That’s it,” he heard. “Stick that slut tongue all the way in my ass. See how deep you can go. Lick it, little slut. Show me that you’re mine.”

Jesse’s mouth and tongue worked furiously, while the feeling returned to his fingers and toes, and he could stretch his limbs without too much stiffness. He brought his free hand to Gideon’s thigh, holding him as he probed deeper and deeper with his tongue. With his other hand, he began stroking Gideon’s cock, his wrist moving in time with his tongue.

Gideon wrapped his hand over Jesse’s, helping him pump up and down his cock as a stream of endearments came from his mouth. “Love you, love you, you’re all mine, Jess, all mine,” carried throughout, encouraging Jess to tighten his grip. It didn’t take long for Gideon’s balls to tighten, and even less time for him to pull his ass away from Jesse’s mouth, changing his angle so that the head of his cock rested on Jesse’s waiting tongue. One more shared stroke, and he roared, ropes of come shooting into Jesse’s mouth.

Jesse swallowed, and then cleaned Gideon’s cock once again, speaking between each swipe of his tongue. “Love you, Gideon…Yours…only yours…love you so much…”

Without a word, Gideon rose to his feet and cast a swift glance down the length of Jesse’s body. Whatever he was thinking, he seemed to make up his mind quickly and bent to scoop Jesse into his arms, as if he weighed nothing.

“I think it’s time to get you into bed.” Gideon carried him out of the room and headed for the stairs. “You’ve got a whole half of your body I haven’t had a chance to mark yet.”