Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

The following chapter came late in the story, after their first attempted raid at the warehouse where they ran into Lucas. In the original version, Jesse was hurt badly enough to need more medical treatment from Gideon, and this happened immediately afterward.


"Bloody buggering hell," Jesse murmured, clutching his hand to his chest. He didn't think the finger was broken, but it ached enough to bring a sting of tears to his eyes, and it was starting to swell a little. He probably only needed some ice and painkillers, but at the moment, it made him feel better to swear and curse the world.

Gideon emerged from the bathroom with the first aid kit in hand. "I still think you should let me take you to the hospital for X-rays," he said, grabbing a chair to set in front of Jess.

"I don't need an X-ray, Gideon. It's just a jammed finger, not a broken leg."

"You can never be sure it's not broken." He held out his hand. "Let me see it."

"It's not broken," Jesse insisted, letting Gideon take his hand. The finger looked a little purple. "And you probably don't need to look at it. I just need some ice."

In spite of his irritation, Gideon's touch was gentle, his probes careful as he examined the injury. "What you need is a swift kick in the pants," he muttered under his breath.

Jesse frowned, his own irritation eclipsing the pain in his hand. "Excuse me?"

"You heard me." With an exasperated grunt, Gideon set Jesse's hand down before rising from the chair, running his hand over his hair as he began to pace around. "You do this. Every single time. And it drives me fucking crazy. Then I try and say something, but you..." He growled as the words got caught in his mood, too riled for them to come out right. He finally ground to a halt in front of Jesse and glared down at him. "Just once, I wish you'd let me take care of you without putting up a fuss. Just once."

Jesse blinked, surprised by the tirade. It was true that he didn't like making a big deal of his injuries, but they never were that serious. And besides...

"I didn't know you wanted to take care of me."

Gideon blinked, like he wasn't sure what he'd just heard. "Why wouldn't I? You're my boy."

Jesse's sore finger was entirely forgotten. Maybe one day, Gideon would stop shocking the hell out of him. Maybe. Not likely, though. He thought the vampire liked blindsiding him. Why else would he say something like that?

"I am?"

"Of course." Gideon sat back down, dragging the chair closer so that their knees touched. Leaning forward, he took Jesse's hand in his, soothing over the injured finger as he rested his forearms on his knees. "I thought it was obvious. I mean, before this obsidian deal, it was just me wanting to protect my best friend. I would've killed for you. Hell, I did kill for you. But now..." His dark eyes bored into Jesse's. "Wearing the leash at Sangre meant something for me. It meant you accepting that you're mine, that you know what that entails. It meant acknowledging that I'm in charge, that I'll do whatever I can to protect you and to pleasure you. That if you stepped out of line, it was my right to put you back into it. Was I wrong?"

Jesse shook his head. "No, you weren't wrong. I'm just not accustomed to being anybody's...boy." He smiled, a little shyly. "I like it, though. When you say that."

The corner of Gideon's mouth lifted. "I've always thought I had to stop myself from saying it too much. It makes me think I should bend you over my knee and punish you for being bad."

Jesse's cock stirred at the surprisingly powerful image---and the subtext beneath the image. He knew Gideon didn't miss it. Gideon never missed anything. "What makes you think that's a problem?"

Gideon's fingers stilled against his. In fact, it felt like the whole world had suddenly gone on pause, waiting for Gideon to speak. "Are you telling me, you'd want me to exert that authority...boy?"

"Yes," Jesse said calmly, though his heart had gone into triple-time.

"Yes what?"

Jesse felt a touch of vertigo as all his blood rushed from his head to his groin. "Yes...Daddy."

Gideon's nostrils flared. Letting go of Jesse's hand, he sat back in the chair, regarding him with heavy-lidded eyes. "That's more like it," he commented. His voice seemed thick, like dark molasses, and he patted his thigh. "Now come sit on my lap and we'll take care of that finger the right way, all right?"

Jesse couldn't even remember which finger needed to be looked after, but he moved to Gideon's lap eagerly. His erection pressed against Jesse's thigh, and Jesse pointedly ignored it---though his first impulse was to unbuckle, unzip, and unbutton until he had access to it.

He held up his hand so Gideon could see it and complained, "It hurts."

"Not for long," Gideon promised. "I'll make it all better."

Gently, he grasped Jesse's wrist in one hand while holding the tip of the finger in question with the other. He slowly bent the knuckle, but the second Jess hissed in pain, he stopped.

"Sorry about that, baby." Gideon pulled it straight again, testing its immobility. "It's not broken, though. My smart boy was right about that."

Jesse squirmed a little, pleased. "I should have let you check it sooner. How will you make it better?"

"Well..." He dropped one arm and looped it around Jesse's waist, pulling him a little more tightly to his body. "I know when you kiss where I hurt, it always feel much, much better. Would you like that?"

Jesse nodded solemnly. "Yes, please. That would make me feel much better." Gideon brushed his lips across Jess' finger. "It still hurts."

Jess couldn't tear his eyes away as Gideon bowed his head and sucked the tip of his finger into his mouth. His lips closed around the first knuckle, and his tongue swirled around the soft pad, caressing the bruised flesh with a tenderness he rarely showed. It tickled for brief seconds before Gideon increased the suction, and then the tickling turned into something more, something that reached through muscle and sinew to hook deep into Jesse's gut and tug.

When Gideon pulled back, his dark eyes were gleaming. "Well?" he prompted. "How's Daddy's boy?"

"Better, Daddy, much better," Jesse answered honestly. "It doesn't hurt anymore." But other parts of him hurt a great deal, and he couldn't stop staring at Gideon's mouth.

"Maybe next time, you'll let me take care of you without putting up a fuss." Gideon pretended to pout, which completely didn't help Jesse's fascination with his lower lip. "I was beginning to think my boy didn't want me around any more."

"I'm sorry," Jesse said, feeling genuinely ashamed. He touched his forehead to Gideon's, resting it there for a moment. "I didn't mean to make you feel bad."

"All I want is for you to be happy," Gideon murmured. Turning his head, he brushed his mouth over Jesse's cheek, the kiss almost chaste. "That's all Daddy's ever wanted."

Something pleasantly warm slithered through Jesse's midsection. His skin tingled where Gideon kissed him, and he wanted another one. "I am, Daddy. You make me happy."

"Not as happy as you make me." He pressed his hips upward, the hard line of his erection firm against Jesse's thighs. "Feel that, boy? That's because of you."

"Why?" Jesse asked innocently. "What did I do?"

"Nothing. That's the beauty of it. All I do is look at you and I want to..." Gideon ducked his eyes, dropping his hand to the top of Jesse's thigh. Absently, he caressed him, and Jess wished his jeans weren't in the way of feeling it directly on his skin. "But that's wrong. I shouldn't be having those kind of thoughts about my boy."

Even though Jesse knew exactly what sort of thoughts Gideon was talking about, he was still tense with curiosity and anticipation. He looked at Gideon's hand, trying to will it a little higher, but Gideon didn't even brush against his rock-hard erection. "What do you want, Daddy? It's okay to tell me."

He saw Gideon's tongue come out and lick his lips. "Sometimes...Daddy wishes he could kiss his little boy."

Jesse's mouth ran dry. "But you kiss me all the time. And I kiss you." To demonstrate, he pressed his lips against Gideon's cheek.

"I know, baby, I know." He pressed an answering kiss on Jesse's cheek, but when Jess began to pull back, Gideon caught his chin, forcing him to meet Gideon's eyes. "But those aren't the kinds of kisses I'm talking about. I'm talking about grown-up kisses." Hesitantly, he reached and skimmed his thumb over Jesse's lower lip. "And then I think about you kissing Daddy other places. And that makes me even harder."

"Oh," Jesse breathed. His dry mouth suddenly watered at the thought of kissing Gideon other places. But, one thing at a time. "What are grown-up kisses? Can you show me?"

Gideon nodded. Slowly, he guided Jess closer. When their mouths touched, Gideon parted his lips ever-so slightly and traced the seam of Jesse's with his tongue. "You have to open your mouth," he breathed. "Grown-ups kiss with their mouths open so they can taste each other."

Jess obediently parted his lips, and Gideon slowly probed his mouth with his tongue. Jesse closed his eyes, more than happy to follow his lead as Gideon continued the gentle kiss. It was far removed from anything Gideon had ever done to his mouth, and Jess enjoyed every second of it. All too soon, Gideon broke the kiss. Jesse sighed with disappointment.

"Oh, I liked that," Gideon murmured. Now that he'd started the kissing, he seemed reluctant to remove his mouth from Jesse's skin, and kept raining small kisses along his cheek and jaw. "But I'd like it even more if my boy kissed me other places, too." He eased Jesse from his lap, keeping hold of his hand and guiding it to the hard line of his cock. "You want to make Daddy happy, don't you?"

That was all Jesse wanted in life. Curling his fingers slightly around Gideon's shaft, he nodded. "Yes, Daddy. What should I do?"

"Well, first, I need you to undo my pants."

Jess wasted no time complying, but when he hesitated after the zipper was down, Gideon reached out to stroke his head.

"You need to take my cock out," he said gently. "And then I want you to give it a grown-up kiss, just like we practiced, okay?"

Nerves briefly made his stomach clench, like he was unsure of himself, like he had never done this before. That only served to heighten the ache in his groin. He gripped Gideon's erection and pulled it out, as instructed, and then paused to study it for a moment. The tension in Gideon's body only seemed to echo his own. He leaned forward, parting his lips to guide Gideon's head into his mouth. Remembering exactly how Gideon had kissed him, he began tracing the tip of his cock like Gideon had caressed his tongue.

Gideon exhaled, long and slow, as if he'd been holding in breath he didn't need. "That's a good boy," he murmured. "Just like that. Show Daddy how smart you are." His hands came up to rest on Jesse's head, not to hold it but more as a guide. "Nobody's as brilliant as my boy. Nobody."

Thrilling to the compliment, Jesse grew adventurous. He didn't suck Gideon in any deeper, but instead, probed the slit with his tongue, drawing out drop after drop of pre-come.

A shudder ran through Gideon's body, and his hands tightened almost imperceptibly. "Now that makes me very happy. Do you like the way Daddy tastes, boy?"

Jesse paused long enough to answer. "Yes. Very much."

It would be easy to swallow his cock and taste all of him, but he continued to lap at the pre-come, knowing he was making Gideon crazy, but also knowing he was safe to do so. Unfortunately, he was making himself crazy, too, and he couldn't pretend to be hesitant for long.

"What else makes you happy, Daddy?"

Gideon stroked Jesse's face, a possessive gesture that made his heart jump and his balls ache. "Do you trust me?"

"Yes, of course," Jesse answered gravely.

Without a word, Gideon took Jesse's hand and stood up, leading him to the bedroom. "What I want will be better in here," he said. As soon as they were inside, he pulled Jess into a loose hug, burying his face in Jesse's neck. "I'm going to make both of us happy. But first, I need you to take off all your clothes and lie down on the bed."

Jesse didn't take his eyes from Gideon as he undressed. His skin prickled with anticipation, the hair on the back of his neck rising. In a way, this was totally uncharted territory. Gideon had been rough, demanding, dirty, and thrilling, but he had never spoke with that gentle, coaxing tone, never watched him like he was just a little nervous about the situation.

Once his clothes were discarded, he settled on Gideon's bed, the thick blankets cool against his back. His cock was jutting forward, and his thighs were tense, and Gideon was staring at him like he had never seen Jesse's naked body before.

"Do you know how beautiful I think you are?" He didn't lift his gaze as he began unbuttoning his shirt, too busy drinking in every detail to even notice where he tossed it afterward. "Because I do. It amazes me every day that you're mine."

Jesse shook his head mutely. This wasn't the first time Gideon had complimented him like that, but it always struck him the same way---like a fist to the gut and a sweet kiss at the same time. "I'm always going to be your boy," he murmured.

His throat went dry when Gideon stepped out of his pants. The sight of that thick cock standing firm would always get to him, of that he was certain. But Gideon always seemed ignorant of the sculpture of his own flesh, moving with an unconscious ease that made it even more breathtaking. He did now, coming around the side of the bed to sit at Jesse's side.

"Daddy needs his boy," Gideon said, his voice low. He reached into the nightstand drawer and pulled out the bottle of lube, holding it up like Jess had never seen it before. "But I have to get you ready first, which means I have to touch you. Do you want that?"

His cock was freely leaking pre-come now. "How are you going to touch me?"

"In only good ways, I promise." Nudging Jesse's thigh, he added, "Spread your legs for Daddy."

He widened his legs as Gideon covered his finger with the thick gel. "Daddy, why did you say it's wrong to have these kind of thoughts?"

Gideon moved to kneel between Jesse's legs, one strong hand pushing his thigh back even further to expose his waiting asshole. "Some people think it's wrong," he said. Jesse gasped when the cool slick touched his skin, and the gentle caresses of Gideon's finger only heightened the fire racing through his body. "They say...it's not natural."

"Oh." Jesse sighed as Gideon continued to caress him, not quite pushing past the barrier of muscle. "Why?"

The question seemed to cast Gideon deep in thought. His finger moved up to fondle Jesse's balls, then back down to trace the pucker. "Because they don't understand," he finally said. He looked up Jesse's body and caught his gaze, holding it for several seconds before sinking his slick finger past the tight ring. "They don't understand that need comes in every shape, size, and form. Like how I..." He stopped, glancing down at where his finger was sucked inside Jesse's ass. Deliberately, Gideon pulled it out and added a second, burying both all the way to the knuckle. "Tell me you like what I'm doing, boy. I need to hear it."

"I like it," Jesse moaned, wishing that Gideon had finished his sentence. Like how he what? "I really like it, Daddy."

"You know what else you'll like?" Curling his fingers, Gideon scraped against his prostate, driving Jess to arch away from the bed as he whimpered. "That's your sweet spot, boy. And Daddy's going to touch it like that, over and over and over again, until it feels like you're going to fall into a million pieces."

He pulled his hand from Jesse's hole and crawled up his body, his cock heavy where it rested on Jesse's stomach. The gaze he rested on Jesse was unlike any he had ever seen before, bruise black and churning with emotions Jess couldn't identify. Gideon bent down and kissed him slowly, swallowing breath that was already growing precious.

"But don't be scared," he murmured against his mouth. "Because when it happens, Daddy's going to be right there, and he's going to put you all together again. I promise you that."

"I'm not scared," Jesse promised, though in a way, he was. Scared that he didn't really quite understand what was going on. "Kiss me again, like you did before."

He nodded, lowering his head again. This time, Gideon lingered on his lips, tracing every curve, dipping into the soft corners, exploring thoroughly before coaxing Jesse's lips to part with his tongue. Jess clung to his back, desperate to know what was possessing Gideon to be so gentle, fearful that it was a ploy to set up a later, more punishing game.

Jess was panting when Gideon finally stopped.

"I need to be in you now," Gideon said, some of the strength returned to his voice. "Are you ready for Daddy?"

"Yes. Yes, I'm ready," Jesse panted, unable to keep the raw need from his voice. "Oh, please."

Gideon nodded and knelt, pulling Jesse's legs high around his waist, and then guiding his cock to his slick opening. Gideon watched him intently as he pushed his head into Jesse's tight ass. Like the kiss, Gideon was unbelievably tender, and Jesse thought that might be his undoing.

"Breathe," Gideon instructed. As he bottomed out, he pressed a hand flat to Jesse's stomach, brushing alongside the wet tip of his cock. "I want this to be so good for my boy. Just like it's so good for me."

Slowly, he began pumping in and out of Jesse's passage, his fingertips constantly caressing Jess' skin. His eyes blazed with every stroke, but after only a handful, Gideon shifted, stretching back out over Jesse's body as he pushed in yet again.

"Feel that?" he murmured. "You feel Daddy inside you?"

"Yes...oh yes...yes..." Jesse breathed, wrapping his arms around Gideon. He lifted his hips off the bed, rising to meet Gideon with every stroke. When Gideon fucked him, it was always accompanied with a bitter edge of pain that did nothing except sharpen Jesse's pleasure, but this was nothing but pure gratification. His strokes were long, even, timed just right, and Gideon hadn't lied about hitting his sweet spot. "You feel so good, Daddy."

"That's it, move for Daddy, squeeze me, baby...like that, just like that." His mouth descended to Jesse's jaw, nibbling a path down his neck to the healing puncture wounds that marked Gideon's favorite spot to bite. Jess braced for his fangs, but felt instead the soft suction of Gideon's mouth, pulling the sensitized skin into his mouth and caressing the tiny holes with his tongue.

A hot wave of pleasure began to build, starting at his feet. It rushed forward with each thrust, receded as Gideon pulled away, and then rushed forward again, gaining a little bit of ground each time. The more Gideon sucked on his neck, the stronger the wave grew. "Oh, don't stop. Don't stop, Daddy, please don't..."

"Never," came the hushed promise. Gideon's voice was muffled from where his mouth was buried in Jesse's neck, but the next still came out so clear that Jess wondered if it was actually real. "I love my boy too much to do that."

Jesse's brain didn't know how to process that. He couldn't remember the last time somebody had said that, expressed that sentiment to him, and he wasn't sure what to do with it. His body kept moving, he didn't want Gideon to see what the simple words had done to him. It's part of the game. The same way you pretended not to know how to suck his cock.

That was fair enough, but it was real for a moment, the moment the two of them were locked in. And it was safe then to respond in kind. "Love you, too, Daddy," he whispered, hoping to mask the otherwise naked emotion in his voice.

A sound escaped Gideon that was neither sigh nor groan, but somehow, a combination of both. His mouth abandoned Jesse's neck, returning for kisses that were more hunger than exploration, and his strokes grew more forceful, scraping across Jess' prostate on every thrust.

"Going to come," he rasped between kisses. He pushed a strong hand between their bodies and found Jesse's throbbing cock. "Come for Daddy, boy."

The simple demand might have been enough to make him come without the added grip around his cock. Gideon fisted him as he slammed forward one final time, and Jesse erupted, light going off in front of his eyes and his body trying to bend in two. Jess wasn't sure what he shouted---it could have been Gideon's name or Daddy---but the sound didn't fade from his throat until his cock quit twitching in Gideon's hand. He clenched around Gideon tightly, and was rewarded with the unmistakable sensation of Gideon's cock jerking and spurting deep in his ass.

Murmurs he couldn't make out were lost in kisses he devoured, and Gideon wrapped his arms so tightly around Jesse's body that he feared for a minute of cracked ribs. Even when Gideon's cock began to soften inside Jess, all he did was roll them to the side, continuing his rain of caresses long after Jess thought he would have stopped.

"That was really...surprising," Jess murmured, as Gideon licked his neck.

"Surprising good, I hope."

"Very, very good," Jesse assured him.

With a grunt, Gideon finally pulled out of Jesse's ass, rolling onto his back. "Believe it or not, I think I could sleep for a week." Passing a heavy hand over his eyes, he curled his other arm around Jesse's back and pulled him into his side. "How's the finger?"

Jesse thought sleeping for a week sounded like a swell idea. "I didn't even remember it was hurt. Who would have guessed you knew how to make the pain go away, too."

"I can do a lot of things." He pressed a kiss to the top of Jesse's head. "Watch it, or I'll start making sure I show you each and every one of them."

"Wait. Is that a threat or a promise?"

Gideon chuckled. "God, I love how fucking greedy you are. Go to sleep, Jess. We'll talk about this when I'm not dog-tired."

"Yes, sir," Jesse said softly, closing his eyes, fitting his body against Gideon's as tightly as possible.

He avoided drifting off until Gideon's chest stilled, a sure sign that the vampire was deeply asleep, savoring each second he had there, at his side.