Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

The following scene takes place in Rome, after Andrew has called and after Christian and Trip have become lovers. Consider this a...fill in the blank of one of those nights they spend together that doesn't get specifically detailed in the story. Rated NC17.


The empty bottle of wine rolled from Christian’s fingers to join another one on the floor. He was too hot, his skin flushed in the sweltering night. Sweat rolled down his neck, and he knew helping Trip polish off another bottle of wine had been a bad idea. He shouldn’t drink when he was this hot. It made him sleepy, and light-headed, and a bit goofy.

Trip was talking. About what, Christian couldn’t say. He had been talking most of the night, perhaps entranced by the sound of his own voice. Chris caught enough of the details to point to a photo shoot and bitchy models and the night in Singapore that nearly got Trip deported and permanently banned from the island. But the wine had turned into a thick fog around his brain, and most of the meaning refused to filter through the haze. The words just rattled around his mind, meaningless, useless.

Christian turned his head with some effort to study Trip’s profile. He really was more gorgeous than he had any right to be. Had Christian ever found him attractive before Italy? He couldn’t remember now. That seemed ridiculous. How could he have not noticed? Maybe he had been blinded by Andrew. Andrew was pretty blinding, and Chris had been pretty infatuated. But that didn’t change the fact that Trip had been peripherally involved in his life for a year, and he had never taken the time to really acknowledge that the boy was stunning.

Trip’s chatter shifted from a mild bother to an outright distraction. Christian didn’t want to try to think about what Trip was telling him. He wanted to think about the perfect texture of his lips, and the little dip in his hip, and the color of his nipples, and the way his cock fit in Christian’s mouth. And it did. Like his mouth had been specifically formed and shaped to accommodate Trip’s perfect cock.

Christian rolled over, trapping Trip beneath him. Trip didn’t seem to mind, his ankle hooking over Christian’s calf. But he was still talking. Christian touched a finger to Trip’s mouth.


Trip parted his lips and promptly sucked the finger in. His warm tongue was slightly sticky from all the wine, but there was nothing hesitant about the way he licked and explored Christian’s skin.

Despite the flush his neck and face, Christian shivered as Trip sucked his finger deeper into his mouth. He allowed that to continue for several beats before pulling his hand away and replacing his finger with his tongue. Trip tasted like the wine, except his lips were far more intoxicating. Christian explored his mouth slowly, chasing the taste of alcohol and something sweet.

Trip cupped Christian’s ass. “Someone’s drunk,” he muttered between kisses.

“Mmm. Yeah.” He moved from Trip’s mouth, covering his cheek, his chin, and even his nose, in lingering kisses. “A little.” He smoothed his hand down Trip’s side, whose muscles tensed and quivered beneath Christian’s touch.

“Meant me.”

A hand – surprisingly strong – came up and gripped the back of Christian’s head, pulling him back to Trip’s mouth. He opened immediately to Trip’s new assault, hungry swipes of tongue against tongue, while the body beneath him tensed and hardened. The rise of Trip’s cock pressed into his hip, and thoughts of taking it into his mouth made him swallow in anticipation.

When Christian attempted to pull away, Trip grunted.

“If you’re not goin’ to let me talk, the least you can do is let me kiss you,” he said.

Christian happily succumbed to Trip’s mouth, losing himself for what seemed like long minutes as Trip teased and coaxed him with his tongue. His mind, unable to focus on any one thing for too long, drifted down Trip’s body. His tight muscles, his flat stomach, his strong thighs, even the arch of his foot. By the time Trip eased the grip on the back of his head, Christian was tired of merely thinking about the body beneath him. Before Trip could claim his mouth again, Christian began kissing a trail down his neck to his chest.

When the weather got this hot, Christian felt like he was sweating buckets. But Trip didn’t so much sweat as he did glisten. His toned skin got hot, the muscles twitched, and always, it beckoned Christian to taste, to run the flat of his tongue over the sculpted torso and take satisfaction in hearing the pleased sighs escaping his lover’s mouth.

“Maybe it’s not so much not wanting me to natter on,” Trip said. “Maybe it’s you wanting to hear me natter on about you instead.”


He flicked his tongue over Trip’s nipple until it hardened, then moved to the next one. He tasted salty, which should have overwhelmed the taste of alcohol lingering on his tongue, but it didn’t. Did anybody ever take the time to know the way Trip tasted? The question flitted across his mind, but it left behind an odd barb of jealousy. Probably lots of former lovers had. How could they not?

“Maybe I just wanted to hear you moaning and shouting.”

Trip scoffed. “Like you haven’t heard enough of that already.”

Chris looked up. “I haven’t.” Without taking his attention away from Trip’s face, he licked his nipple again. “Don’t know if I could.”

Brown eyes darkened even further, and Trip ran the tip of his tongue over her sensual lower lip. “Know what I can’t get enough of?” He slid his hand down Christian’s side, his gaze following the same path. “Your cock.”

The merest hint of contact was enough to make him throb. His only real goal had been to get between Trip’s legs and swallow his prick, but now his motives shifted.

“Let me help you out with that,” Chris murmured. Turning around, he faced Trip’s shaft, and the tip of his own cock brushed against Trip’s chin. Christian dropped his head and ran his tongue down the seam of his thigh, the coarse hairs tickling his jaw as he moved closer to the base of Trip’s cock.

With a grunt, Trip widened his legs even further. Long hands gripped Christian’s hips and pushed him upward, making his knees slide along the sheets. It angled him differently, but there wasn’t time to consider what that might mean before Trip sucked the head into his mouth, his lips clamping around the crown as he tongued the slit.

Chris drew his tongue up the top of Trip’s shaft, but didn’t wrap his lips around the tip. Pleasure shot up his spine as Trip increased the suction around his sensitive skin. The room was silent, except for the small moans coming from Christian’s throat and soft sounds of encouragement coming from Trip’s. Chris wrapped his finger and thumb around the base of his cock, holding him loosely while he rubbed the stubble on his cheek and jaw against Trip’s shaft.

Trip jerked, his teeth scraping across the sensitive head as he pulled off Christian’s cock. Swearing under his breath, he took a long, shuddering breath. “It drives me bloody mad when you do that.”

Chris smiled. “I know.” He did it again, inhaling the earthy smell of Trip’s skin. He used his tongue to soothe the slightly irritated skin, alternating between rough and smooth, until Trip writhed beneath him. Putting both hands on Trip’s thighs to hold him against the bed, Chris parted his lips and let the tip of the cock slip between his lips.

Not to be outdone, Trip grabbed Christian’s hips and yanked him back down. His open mouth was waiting, and Chris groaned around the hot flesh filling his own mouth as Trip swallowed him, urging him to bury his entire length in Trip’s throat. Sparks exploded behind his closed eyes. It took only the slightest of encouragement for him to start pumping his cock in and out of the tight suction. It took even less to slip a hand between Trip’s legs and start tracing the crease of his ass.

Trip swallowed, the muscles in his throat squeezing his cock, and it kindled Christian’s hunger to feel the firm pressure of Trip’s shaft. As he sank into Trip’s mouth, he swallowed his lover’s length, and they moaned in unison when his lips brushed against Trip’s base. He teased Trip with his finger, finally pushing it past the tight ring of muscle once he began sliding his mouth up his cock.

When Trip got really excited, he quivered. Like he was going to vibrate out of his skin. He’d said more than once since their first time that it was a reaction to Christian, that how could he not get hot with such a mouth and cock at his pleasure, but Christian found it hard to believe. The way he figured it, it was probably one of the many reasons there was always a stream of men begging to get into Trip’s pants. It was intoxicating having such a responsive body underneath him.

If he hadn’t been drunk on the wine, he could easily have been drunk on Trip.

Trip’s mouth was amazing. It was always amazing. And the satisfaction he got from having his own mouth on Trip’s body was exhilarating. But nothing felt as good to him as the signs and sounds — the proof — of Trip’s pleasure. It drove him to do more and more, to search for new ways to make Trip tremble and moan. He added a second finger, thrusting into Trip’s tight passage to seek out his prostate. As soon as Christian curled his fingers against it, Trip shouted around his cock.

The suction on his length grew tighter, Trip’s thrusting into his mouth more erratic. Each pump was accompanied by growls of pleasure, that wicked tongue sweeping everywhere it could reach, and when he felt the soft balls tighten against the side of his hand, Christian sank down the shaft one more time.

A blast of hot come filled his throat. Only the desire to taste it could drag Chris back up, holding the jerking cock against his tongue as Trip shot over and over again. The hands on his hips refused him the room to move, and slowly, Trip’s muffled cries faded away.

Christian lifted his hips, easing himself out of Trip’s mouth. “Condom. I need to fuck you, Trip.”

Trip was twisting over the side of the bed to grab the box before Christian had even turned himself around. The sound of the foil ripping filled the room, and Trip grabbed Christian’s cock when he settled between Trip’s legs.

“Do it hard.” With the slick latex in place, Trip lifted his feet and rested his ankles on Christian’s shoulders, exposing his ready hole. “You’re not the only who needs here, mate.”

Christian didn’t need to be told twice. Fucking Trip with his fingers had just given him the barest reminder of what it would be like to pound into his tight heat. He thrust into Trip’s ass with a single, hard stroke, burying himself completely. He didn’t give either of them the chance to adjust before he was pulling out and readying himself to drill his hips forward again.

Trip watched with heavy-lidded eyes. All the color had long been devoured by his dilated pupils, but it was the naked lust in them that drove Christian to set a bruising rhythm, his fingertips white from how tightly he gripped Trip’s thighs.

“That’s it,” Trip murmured. The tip of his tongue appeared as he swept it over his lower lip, leaving behind a wet trail made for kissing. “Give it to me. Fucking gorgeous, you are when you’re like this, you know that?” He hissed as Christian adjusted the angle slightly. “Just like that…”

Soon Trip’s words were lost altogether, and Christian dropped his head back, every muscle in his body whipcord tight. He knew he wouldn’t last long at this pace. If he slowed down a bit, he could prolong his climax. If he slowed down, he could fall forward and kiss Trip, but he didn’t want to do that. He wanted to feel Trip clench and tighten around him, squeezing the orgasm out of him.

Trip reached down and cupped Christian’s balls, squeezing him without warning. “Oh…fuck.” He drove forward one final time before his cock jerked hard against Trip’s tight walls. The orgasm began at the base of his spine and pleasure erupted through him.

A thin sheen of sweat slicked the glide of Trip’s hand up Christian’s stomach. “Andrew’s loss is my gain,” he said. “He’s goin’ to be kicking himself when he realizes he’s never goin’ to get you like this again.”

Christian let Trip’s legs fall from his shoulders, and he knew the spinning room had nothing to do with the wine. “Andrew never saw me like this anyway.”

Frowning, Trip sat up, stripping the condom from Christian’s sensitive cock. “I don’t see him taking it from behind. And if you two used blindfolds…” A sly smile wiped the frown away, and he tossed aside the condom before tugging Christian down on top of him. “I think I just thought of a dozen new games for us to play.”

Christian rested his forehead against Trip’s shoulder. It was still too hot, and now they were sticky, but he didn’t want to move. He latched onto the talk of blindfolds, unwilling to think about the implications of Trip’s words. “I like the thought of combining the blindfold games with the gelato game.”

Trip chuckled. “That requires us leaving the room. We haven’t been able to do much of that yet.”

“That can be our goal,” Chris murmured. “Leave the room at least once before we move on from Rome.”

“Right. At least once.”

But the way he wrapped his arms around Christian’s back didn’t suggest moving any time soon. Neither did the way his breathing slowed and deepened.

Chris rolled to his side without disturbing Trip’s hold on him. He listened to the city moving beneath their open window, and the sounds mingled with Trip’s soft breath until he felt himself beginning to drift. His last conscious thought — oddly clear despite everything — was I want to get used to this.