Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

Brindisi Bedfellows

Getting dumped is never fun.

Getting dumped by your boyfriend on the eve of your first vacation in six years because he decides to reconcile with his ex-wife is agony.

Heartbroken Christian Davis is drowning his sorrows when his ex-lover’s best friend swoops in and throws his world into chaos. Trip Watson is gorgeous and gregarious and everything Chris doesn’t need right now. But none of that seems to matter when Trip finds out what Andrew did to him. Appalled by Andrew’s callous treatment, Trip announces the best way to get over the break-up – and to rub Andrew’s face in it – is to go to Italy as planned and spend the next three weeks having the time of his life. With Trip.

Mutual lust drives them together. Andrew could very well push them apart. Especially if the truth about Trip’s relationship with him ever comes to light.

5 hearts from Hayley, The Romance Studio:...I really liked the way the authors took a time worn plot line of revenge and revamped it into a touching and unconventional love story. Both, Christian and Trip are flawed characters but their flaws together equal something quite beautiful. They complement and complete each other. Andrew, as the worthless best friend and ex lover, provided the perfect stimulus to get these two men together in a fight against betrayal and hurt feelings that leads to true love and caring. I have to say that Trip was my favorite character in this story, completely a case of how you should never judge a book by its cover. The more layers that were peeled away from his facade the more I came to care for him. I did get a bit frustrated with Christian because I wanted him to hurry up and see Trip the way that I did, but as cliche as it sounds slow and steady does win the race and the climax was well worth the wait.

5 flowers from Pam, My Book Cravings:...Ms. Craig’s great descriptions and vivid details of the trip portion of the story are done extremely well, pulling the reader into the Italian countryside. Chevalier and rough around the edges Tripp had an insecure and uncertain interior that I wasn’t expecting, and his fear almost vibrates off the page. I loved watching Christian grow and become surer of himself under the encouragement and attention of Tripp. When these two men get together, watch out for fiery passion and heat equal to the Italian sun. I can’t say enough good things about this well written and plotted gem. Between the likable characters, exciting locale, witty dialogue and a villain in Andrew that you love to hate, there isn’t anything about this story that I didn’t like.

From Elisa Rolle:...The discovery of this novel is the sex. There is a lot of sex, but I find it not for free. It's warm and cosy. It's like a blanket in winter. Christian and Trip make love and then slip on dream kissing each other like two teens. They awake together and prefer to cuddle in the sheet instead of giving a mindless blowjob. Sex is hot but it's also comforting and caring...Brindisi Bedfellows is a novel that will leave you with peaceful feelings and a better perspective on life: you haven't to go far to find true love.

5 kisses from Kerin, Two Lips Reviews:...Brindisi Bedfellows is an unconventional love story, a love story it is and it’s beautiful! Ever relationship has it’s ups and downs because we’re all flawed in our own ways and have different insecurities that we try to hide – Jamie Craig has taken that concept and turned it into a poignant story about two men who are deeply hurt by the same man. The passion between Trip and Christian is undeniable and their time in Italy is amazing. Trip has a rough exterior that hides a vulnerable man, which is an intriguing dynamic since Christian is the “plain” one of the two. They compliment each other perfectly though and the ending is all I’d hoped it would be.

81 from Mrs. Giggles:...on the whole, Brindisi Bedfellows is one of more readable gay romances I've come across. It is free from most of the problems that plague the genre. The writing isn't too melodramatic, Christian isn't a walking black hole of angst and self pity, and there is actual build-up leading towards the first love scene...

From Cassie at Joyfully Reviewed:...The love scenes were both hot and emotional, especially as they realized their feelings for each other were deepening. I also enjoyed the descriptions of various locations in Italy. In short, with a storyline that is both hot and emotional and a sweetly satisfying ending, Brindisi Bedfellows is a great read!


“Flight seventeen twenty-one, non-stop to Rome, now boarding.”

Christian stood. “That’s us.”

Trip grabbed a beat-up duffel and slung it over his shoulder, following Chris up to the attendant at the gate. He didn’t speak as each handed over his boarding pass, and it wasn’t until they were queued in the gangway that he closed the distance between them.

“Know what else you did for Andrew,” he murmured. His mouth was at Christian’s ear, his hips nudging against his ass. It was the slightest of contact, but Trip might as well have had Chris pressed against the wall for the effect it was having on him. “And I know it makes him a fool for letting you go. Maybe there’ll be room for me in that harem you’ll be collecting over the next few weeks. I can show you what else I can do with my mouth outside of running it off.”

No, Trip, it’ll never happen. Never in this life. That’s what he should have said. But he was too distracted. First, by thoughts of all the things he happily did to and for Andrew. Things he would never do again. He hadn’t really thought about it that way before, but now a sense of what could only be described as mourning settled over him. He really liked having sex with Andrew. But he couldn’t dwell on that for long before his mind led him down the dark, winding path that led directly to Trip’s mouth. He had no doubt Trip and his mouth were very talented.

Since he couldn’t say what he should have, he didn’t say anything at all as the queue shuffled forward. Trip stuck close behind him, not allowing even an inch of space between them. And there was no relief once they finally reached their seats. It seemed like Trip was sitting right on top of him.

“Good thing it’s not a long flight,” Trip commented, glancing pointedly at how awkwardly Chris had had to fold his long legs into the scant space separating the seats. “You goin’ to want to get up and walk the aisle once we’re up?”

“No,” Christian declined. “I think I’m going to try to sleep off some of this headache.” He buckled his belt, and shifted in his seat, trying to get comfortable. His shoulder was against Trip’s, and their knees were touching. He’d have to sleep if he didn’t want to focus on that fact.

“There’s other ways to get your mind off that, you know.”

“What? Sudoku?” Christian asked lightly.

Trip leaned in, his leg pressing more firmly to Christian’s. “Was thinking of something a tad less cerebral, actually,” he said, pitching his voice lower. “We get up in the air, and then I get you off. Guaranteed to relax you.”

Christian stared at him. He wasn’t kidding. There wasn’t a trace of humor in his eyes. He was genuinely offering to do...something to him. Christian thought he should tell him no, but why? Why tell Trip he wasn’t interested? He was single now. Trip was definitely single. They were both adults. And God knew, he needed to relax. Fuck it.

“Well, I would like actual proof you can do something with that mouth besides run it off,” Chris murmured.

A slow burn began in Christian’s stomach that matched Trip’s smile. With the angle of his body blocking the view of the passengers across the aisle, Trip dragged a single finger along the top of Christian’s thigh, diverting inward when he reached the hip. “We’ll wait until the first wave has used the loo after the seatbelt light is off,” he said. He unerringly found the head of Christian’s cock in his pants and traced the crown through the fabric. “That’ll give us time for you to get to appreciate it.”

Christian realized this wasn’t a spur of the moment suggestion. Trip had been thinking about this. Enough to plot when the best time would be. And he probably wouldn’t be content to simply plan a blowjob in the loo. Christian caught his breath as Trip traced the head of his cock again, applying just enough pressure to make his stomach clench. God, if this was the result of Trip’s devious plots, then he was all for devious plotting.

“I hope you’re flexible. Those restrooms are barely enough for one person.”

Trip chuckled, and the tip of his tongue appeared to swipe across his lower lip. “I bend in all sorts of interesting ways, luv. Lucky for us, we’ve got three weeks for me to show you.”

Christian could hardly wrap his mind around the notion of three weeks of mindless sex with Trip. Of course, there were arguments against this. This wasn’t safe, no-strings-attached holiday sex, if only because when they returned to England, Trip would still be Andrew’s best friend, and he’d...well, he’d be moving on with his life. Things could get messy.

Trip’s thumb went over his erection again.

Yeah, things were about to get messy.

The captain came over the intercom, announcing their upcoming departure, and Trip settled back into his seat, flashing a brilliant smile at the flight attendant when she walked past. Chris had no idea how he appeared so casual about what they were going to do when he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Then again, sex in an airplane bathroom was probably pretty tame on the list of Trip’s sexual escapades. He’d probably done it dozens of times.

Chris turned toward the window to watch the passing landscape. It was too hard to see Trip’s strong profile without imagining what it was going to look like from above, with Trip’s mouth wrapped around his cock. He folded his hands in his lap, trying not to think about his raging arousal.

Trip hummed under his breath during take-off, some mindless melody Christian didn’t recognize. It was probably something currently on the charts; when it came to contemporary trends, Trip was infinitely more in touch than he was. His fashion photography put him at all the London hotspots, though Chris thought he should probably be a little grateful Trip was self-employed. It meant he could drop everything at the drop of a hat for an Italian holiday.

The small ding of the “Fasten seatbelts” sign getting turned off made Chris jump. Next to him, Trip chuckled.

“Might have to do this twice,” he said, in a voice meant only for Christian’s ears. “You’re more wound up than I thought.”