Jamie Craig - Writing on the Edge of Erotic Romance

August: Scorched

Fires are blazing across southern Utah, and Aaron Meyers, volunteer firefighter, knows he should be concentrating on the flames. Unfortunately, he's too distracted by former crush, and current New York City fireman, Xander Wescott.

Xander returns to Utah to help battle the flames threatening his hometown. He remembers Aaron as the gangly kid who used to follow him around, and he's unprepared for just how much he wants to know the man Aaron has become.

5 angels from April, Fallen Angel Reviews:...Real life emotions arise between both men and family issues make both characters that much more endearing. Right from page one I got a real sense of what fighting a fire of that magnitude must be like, what the firefighters go through and must feel every day.

5 lips from Tina, TwoLips Reviews:...Jamie Craig sets the pages on fire in Scorched...

5 stars from Jessewave:...The sex is gentle, emotional, sensuous, hot and every other word you could choose to describe the coming together of two people who find what they are looking for in the other person...the best book in this series that I have read so far. The characters are fully developed and three dimensional and there is enough of a back-story that the reader can relate to in getting to know Aaron and Xander. Even Honey, Aaron’s puppy, was not just “filler” as she had a unique personality and added humorous touches to this excellent tale.

4 stars from Emily, Rainbow Reviews:...Scorched is a wonderfully romantic and engaging story about boyhood friends rediscovering one another...Wonderful characters, a touching romance, and even an adorable dog make this a recommended read!

4 nymphs from Mystical Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews:...Craig does a wonderful job describing the conditions under which Aaron and Xander fall in love…danger, stifling heat, hot summer winds, and day after day without a drop of rain in sight. Between the fire plotline and the well-placed pieces of back-story, both Aaron and Xander come across as well-rounded, three-dimensional characters that you can’t help but like.

4 ribbons from jhayboy, Romance Junkies:...as hot as August is, and from the beginning of this book the sexual tension holds you and never lets you go. This is a beautifully penned story that deals with small town living and its prejudices.

From Elisa Rolle:...The story is sexy but at the same time homey. The love between Aaron and Xander is easy, being together is the simple part; but also when they have to decide if their was a simmer fling or true love, there are not so much problem. It's not the relationship between Aaron and Xander which causes trouble. It's more a problem of Aaron to admit what he wants and what he is and to face the small town judgement and his family.

From Nannette, Joyfully Reviewed:...August: Scorched is a romance laced with eroticism, emotion, and a bit of danger. I love stories about long lost loves. Aaron’s crush on Xander adds an element of excitement and angst to the story. Xander’s attempt to hide his feels fails and it’s a very good thing it does! Xander and Aaron are sexy and passionate. The outcome in August: Scorched is a fairy tale romance, but the men have many obstacles in their way. With drama, hot sex, and two great guys, each page burns hotter than the next in August: Scorched!


...Maybe in some attempt to get comfortable—or maybe because God was offering a two-for-one deal and decided to add tormenting Aaron to his local deeds for the night—Xander had stripped out of his clothes. All he wore was a pair of black boxer briefs that outlined not only his cock but also his heavy balls, the molded fabric drawing attention to the line of hair that disappeared beneath the waistband. The man was also wide awake, his intense eyes jumping immediately to Aaron to pin him in place at the entrance.

“Looks like somebody else couldn’t sleep, either,” Xander commented.

“Honey, heel.” He wrapped his fingers around her collar and pulled her back. “I’m sorry. I thought she wanted to go out. I didn’t think she was going to come in here and…attack you. Well, I guess lick you to death would be a better description.”

Xander’s mouth slanted. “Well, if it makes a difference, as far as ways to go, I have to say licking to death is probably the best. I wasn’t asleep anyway.”

“Oh, that’s good. I mean, it’s not good you weren’t asleep. Is something keeping you awake?”

“No.” He folded his arm over his head, stretching the muscle so that Aaron had no choice but to look at it. “I’m just wound up.”

Aaron couldn’t tear his gaze away from Xander’s body. He didn’t want to. He just wanted to hoard all the details he could so he could return to them later. “Why? Is there anything I can do?”

Xander sighed. It wasn’t a deep sigh, nor a loud one, but Aaron saw every flex of muscle, heard every whisper of air, as if Xander was standing right next to him and breathed directly in his ear.

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to,” he warned softly. “Because I’m just about to the point where I’ll say exactly what I’m thinking, and I’d really rather not lose you as a friend, too.”

For as long as Aaron had known Xander, he wanted to know Xander. He had always been too young, just an awkward kid all elbows and knees. And for a moment, he almost felt like that kid again. But he wasn’t too young to know Xander now. He wasn’t a kid out of his depth. He didn’t want to be pushed out anymore.

“I do want to know the answer. It won’t change our friendship.”

“That’s what Eddie said.” Xander’s eyes drifted shut. “Then he saw me actually kissing my boyfriend and everything went all to hell.”

Aaron almost fell down. Instead of hitting the floor, he made it to the arm of the couch and sat heavily. Honey pressed her nose under his hand, seeking attention, but he barely noticed her.

“Your boyfriend? You have a boyfriend?”

His arm shifted, covering the top half of his face. “Well, I did. At the time. Not currently, which is probably good considering the kinds of thoughts I’ve been having all week.”

Keep it together. Keep it together. He felt lightheaded and flushed. Just because he once had a boyfriend doesn’t mean he’d want you. But that logic didn’t seem to matter. Aaron was trembling, and not just from arousal. For the first time in his life, he knew somebody who would understand. Just saying the words aloud would relieve the weight on his shoulders.

“I…Xander, I don’t even know where to start. I mean, I had no idea. None at all. Maybe I should have. But…what kinds of thoughts have you been having?”

“Bad ones.” His nostrils flared. As Aaron watched, Xander’s abs twitched. He was tense, as tense as Aaron was rubbery. “Thoughts that mean I really should’ve gotten laid before I left New York so I wouldn’t be nearly as horny as I’ve been.” The hand stretched out at his side rubbed over his leg, drawing attention to the thick line of his cock. The waistband bulged from the hard tip nearly poking free, and this close, Aaron could see a small wet spot where Xander had leaked. “Told you, you wouldn’t want to know.”

Aaron wanted to open his mouth and tell Xander everything. But years of silence had programmed him to hold his tongue, and now he wasn’t sure what to say. Could he blurt I’m gay, too? He had no way of knowing that Xander’s so-called bad thoughts had anything to do with him, but they were both there. Aaron’s fingers felt numb. Actions would speak louder than words. One simple gesture would convey to Xander what he wanted, and would give Xander the chance to accept that or rebuff him.

One simple gesture.

Aaron ran his fingers over the back of Xander’s hand, then hooked his fingers around the waistband of Xander’s boxer briefs...